Brenham ISD has released a statement in the wake of Tuesday’s shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde which left at least 21 people dead, including 19 students.

The full statement can be read below:

The Brenham Independent School District extends condolences to the Uvalde community for their enormous loss. In response to the tragic events, and out of an abundance of caution, the Brenham police department will have an increased presence on campuses for the remainder of the school year. The safety and security of our students is our top priority. The Brenham ISD counselors remain available for students in need of assistance.

The Brenham ISD has not issued a statement regarding no backpacks for the remainder of the year. The Brenham Junior High Campus previously announced backpacks were not needed for the final week of school due to the logistics of activities planned for the students.

Thank you for your continued support of Brenham ISD.

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  1. BISD pulled the contact officers watching the elementary schools over a year ago.
    Please attend the next school board meeting 6/20 at the Brenham High School and Raise HELL!

  2. Former President Trump and current governor Abbot paved the way and promoted the School Marshalls/Guardians laws now in effect. Is BISD taking this to its full advantage? As well, every teacher that has a LTC/CHL can posess a handgun in their vehicle on school property. While not ideal, is this being utilized fully? Lastly, I think HB 1927 (which became effective Sept 1), prevents non-LTC handgun carriers from being within a 1000 ft radius of a school–is this being enforced?

    1. How would one enforce or prevent non-LTC handgun owners from possessing a firearem within 1000 ft of a school? Would you have police do a search of each vehicle and its occupants? How do you know who is carrying a handgun; whether legally or illegally? Democracy and freedom requires that its citizens be honest individuals with morals, character and integrity; taking responsibility for their actions. That ship has sailed!

  3. Is BISD going to ensure that law enforcement is on site at each elementary campus next fall each and every day?

    1. ONLY if they have money left over after CREATING and filling numerous new positions. Don’t let Chaplin fool you with the garbage that they had absorbed and or reworked other positions. Basically all they are doing is adding tons of top heavy admin type people to do the work of the Directors. Think of them as ‘Assistant Directors’ each one needing a Masters Degree, except the one for a child nutrition director. So, when you as parents are told that it’s not feasible to keep some sort of law enforcement on EACH campus from the time the door is opened until the last child leaves – you’ll know where the money is going. PLEASE PLEASE look for yourselves and see what BISD doing!!! Question them about all the things they find more important than keeping our kids SAFE!!

  4. I left my grandchildren off at BES today and guess what ?????? Only police presence was the officer directing traffic at the school entrance. So, where is the police presence you are talking about ????? I would have noticed police presence if there was some. BISD is a shame !!!!!!!! And I was there when the carline was full of kiddos being dropped off.

    1. There have not been a school resource officer at the elementary schools this school year. Only the high school and maybe the junior high school. When there was a school resource officer present at the elementary schools prior to this school year, they spent most of their time sitting in the office with their feet propped up on the desk and chatting with the ladies in the office. Somehow this sounds all too familiar!

  5. Should be for the remainder of time . The country spends money on other places and unnecessary hands out free money . Why not on our children’s protection ?

  6. The Brenham children and all the children in all the schools need to hear from their principal at each school that ” They are protected while they are at school ” the children especially at this time need to know that this can’t happen at their school.

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