The Brenham School Board will meet Tuesday to receive a presentation from Brenham ISD’s bond planning committee.

The presentation will include a recommendation for a possible bond election.  In May, voters rejected the district’s $153.9 million bond proposal calling for a new junior high school, improvements to the Career and Technical Education Department, upgrades to the field house locker rooms and cafeteria, a band marching pad, and enhancements to accessibility, security and fiber internet.

Since the election, the committee group has met to gather information on why residents voted the way they did in order to provide the board with a follow-up recommendation.  The district also created a community poll to gauge voters’ opinions.

Conversation after May’s vote has revolved around the junior high school.  At the board’s meeting on May 16th, several trustees spoke on the need to address the campus and the possibility of a future bond proposal focusing solely on it.

The only other action item on the agenda is potential approval of a laptop refresh at Brenham Middle School.  Trustees will then hold an executive session to discuss personnel matters.

The board will meet Tuesday at noon at the Brenham ISD Administration Office.  The meeting will be livestreamed on Brenham ISD’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Have any of you folks that are complaining about the cost of the new Jr. High checked out the cost of building materials????? Apparently not. Brenham ISD is in dire need of a new Jr. High among other things and has been for years. The city of Brenham has several families that could finance the cost of the school themselves, but they are most likely the ones complaining about the cost because it might take a little bit out of their pocket book. Come on people, don’t you care about the safety of the students attending Brenham Jr. High with the condition it is in?

  2. Apparently the bond committee did not review everyone’s comments, they just came back with a suggestion they wanted from the beginning. The cost of the new Jr High is still too much; such a disappointment again. Also the school district should have done a mail out about for the survey.

    1. I am sure you would have offered to pay to mail out surveys to everyone. Welcome the 2022 where you can do most things online.

    1. You are so correct; people are sick and tired of being taxed to death especially over pure negligence where lack of effort to maintain facilities is obvious.

  3. If you’re concerned about this issue show up to see what they have to offer. No sane person disputes the need for something to happen. The Junior High is in bad shape. Is because of neglect? Possibly. Is it reasonable to take steps to get it in proper shape? Being someone who managed facilities for 40 years I think yes. It requires more effort than just bulldozing it and having a high powered design firm design a new, fancy one and letting taxpayers, for generations, worry about paying for it. Can you spend a little money on it and use it for something at least? And build a simple, functional, reasonably priced new facility? I think so. But I don’t know all the details. It’s a complicated issue. Let’s see what this committee comes up with.

  4. Where did they gather information on why residents voted the way they did? Did anyone see this community poll to gauge voters’ opinions?

      1. Where was it circulated…I never saw or heard about one. How about public meetings. Typical government way to handle things…let the good ole boys work it out.

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