Washington County Fair Queen candidate Carmen Niemeyer rides in the fair parade on September 10th through downtown Brenham. (Mark Whitehead)

The 154th Washington County Fair has concluded, and it is one that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Numerous records were broken over the span of the 2022 fair, from queen candidate tickets to the Junior Livestock Auction.

Fair President Keith Mikolajchak says this year is a testament to how much the community backs the fair and local youth.



Ribbon Jones is crowned as Queen of the Washington County Fair during opening night on Saturday, September 10th.
(Mark Whitehead)

Unofficial totals provided by Mikolajchak show this fair had paid attendance numbers of 52,521 from Wednesday to Saturday, including around 15,500 people on the final day.  In comparison, 2021’s reported fair attendance was 37,647, while 2019 drew 46,884 guests, 2018 saw 46,936 and 2017 had 47,522.

The fair got underway on Saturday, September 10th with the parade through downtown Brenham and the queen’s crowning.  Ribbon Jones received the honor of being named fair queen after selling 3,666 tickets for a record $146,655.  All three queen candidates together sold 7,912 tickets for $316,495, also a new record.  The Little and Junior Mister and Miss Contests were held on Wednesday, and the winners were Claire Schulte and Collin Wilson as Little Miss and Mister and Brooklyn Gaertner and Braeden Brewster as Junior Miss and Mister.

Friday's Junior Livestock Auction at the Washington County Fair surpassed $1 million in total sales for the first time ever.
(Mark Whitehead)

The Junior Livestock Auction on Friday drew unofficial totals of $1,150,150 for 260 lots, passing $1 million in sales for the first time in the fair’s history.  Combining the Junior Livestock Auction with Saturday’s commercial heifer sale and country creations sale, unofficial tallies are $2,467,000.

Mikolajchak said the community’s contribution means even more with this summer’s drought hurting many producers.



On the music side, a lineup of Jacob Boyd, Michael Salgado, the Read Southall Band, Flatland Cavalry, Drew Parker and “Roots & Boots” – Sammy Kershaw, Aaron Tippin and Collin Raye – entertained fairgoers throughout the event.

KWHI and KTEX-106 appreciate the support of all those who stopped by and spun the Wagon Wheel of Prizes at the fair, as the two stations raised $1,100.  The proceeds will go to the Washington County Firefighters Association.


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  1. I had a really good time and I am proud of the efforts of the community that put the Fair on for the youth so they have an opportunity to work hard and profit from the fruits of their labor. It is a whole lot of work and Thanks to the small businesses of the community and the countless volunteers to make it all happen. AC can become inoperative over just one small part failure like a capacitor and kinda falls under Murphy’s Law get over it. Thank you Washington County Fair and All the People that made it work your the Best.

  2. What about the ac not working in the sale facility Saturday. Some of the buyers where really mad some wanted to leave. Should had someone get it fix or worked on. That’s right nobody wants to do maintenance no more guess they going to build a new facility now

    1. The A/C had worked the entire week. They had Triple T Refrigeration there by sale lot 30. The air was running the majority of the sale, it just had a lot of catching up to do, not to mention there were 2 water-cool fans running at the back that was circulating air but unfortunately it wasn’t helping the A/C by blowing hot air . Was it hot? Yes without a doubt, but they did get it taken care of. The JLA sale was no better, not to mention the amount of dust my eyes accumulated, however I am not bashing the fair association for it because things like this are to be expected. If a buyer wants to be there, they will make it happen. I had my 1 year old with me and we made it work because we wanted to support the kids.

    2. That’s not the fair faults. The fair rents the facilities from the county. So put the blame on the County Expo not the fair.

      1. Y’all are whining about the AC like a bunch of spoiled Californians. This is Texas! Fortunately it wasn’t hot and humid like it’s been. Folks like those at Triple T and those manning their stations here are a blessing. So count yours! The fair this year (and every year) was and is a gracious welcome and familiar event, especially as opposed to the recent lockdowns. May God bless Texas!, and all who participated.

        1. Where you in there buying ? I bet not so you have no understanding what I was like Is wasn’t working durning the commercial steer sale either

        2. I take that as an offense as a new to Washington County, Californian. Shame on you! What happened to Texas hospitality.

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