Brenham Police and Brenham ISD are investigating an incident that occurred on Wednesday afternoon in which a student was caught with a knife on campus.

According to Brenham ISD, the incident occurred during the lunch recess period at Brenham Middle School.

A female student became upset and held a kitchen table serrated steak knife in a threatening manner.

In a statement released by the school district, at no point were any students or staff injured thanks to the quick actions of their staff, the administrator, and the school resource officers.

The situation was de-escalated and dealt with in an appropriate fashion.

Brenham ISD said that they appreciate their partnership with Brenham Police, and want to assure parents that the safety and security of your children remain their top priority.

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  1. Without a doubt, this behavior should be taken seriously. That being said, back in my HS days, we had leadership like Mr. Whitesell and Mr. Petty. They were respected (and feared} as it should be. An incident like this would have been quickly addressed. Dad and Mom would have been called, and “licks” would have been administered (probably prior to Mom and Dad being called) (with Dad’s and Mom’s pre-approval).
    On a more personal note, believe me when I say I was no saint, but I had/have respect for authority. On one occasion way back in the day, I got called to Mr. Whitsell’s office for not attending class as I should have. I had been warned and disciplined on multiple occasions. When I walked into Mr. Whitesell’s office, there was Mr. Whitesell and MY DAD! Now, I was a cocky and arrogant young man, but I was scared. I’m not sure if I was more scared of Mr. Whitesell or my Dad. Both were pretty BIG guys and commanded respect, but at the end of the day, issues were addressed and problems solved (and my behind remained intact).
    I guess and the end of the day, the point I am trying to get across is that Principles, teachers and administrators must be given the respect and authority they deserve AND those individuals must assume those responsibilities. PARENTS must also have faith in those people to administer disciplinary action (with parental approval) as necessary.
    To summarize, let’s take a hard look at this. In this situation we are talking about middle school students. That alone should get everyone’s attention. So, let’s not point fingers, but instead, let’s “take it down a notch”, and come together and do what’s right for the kids!

    “Tuck that shirt tail in, Mister” (some will understand)

    Old school, out!

  2. We need to start enforcing metal detectors at every campus!! I’m sorry but as a parent I check my child’s back pack every day or as often as I can if my child is bringing stuff home or taking things to school that’s not appropriate I want to know!! Parenting starts at home and too many parents are teaching their child to be violent and not teaching them to talk it out or discuss their feelings anymore! Kids only know violence because of the junk on tv, access to the internet and having their own phones!! Let’s pay more attention to our kids let’s put a stop to this now before something horrible ever really happens!! Parents also need to step up, teachers do what they can but come on one teacher for what 20 kids?! U cannot expect the teacher to have control over everything that goes on around school! I am not a teacher thank god for that but I sure have a lot of respect for someone who is teaching my child! This district needs to step up their game!

  3. Maybe start with the school first not the parents. We need to come together and help one another and stop blaming the parents. As a parent we can talk to our kids about everything from one end to the other. It is the choices made by the student that results in their actions in these situations. This child has been bullied by two male students and I know this because my daughter told me so. I will be giving the names of those students to the school and they should be dealt with swiftly. If your child is in the 6th grade please talk with them and get any and all information possible and relay it to the proper school staff. No one was hurt but this child could have hurt someone or hurt themselves for that matter.
    Please pray for this child!!

  4. Brenham ISD didn’t sweep anything under the rug, it was put on the news. Everyone knows that weapons are hidden until the person decides to reveal it. What should be done is an award should be given to the teacher that called in the incident for his fast thinking and for that administrator that assisted the teacher on the scene and saved many children from harm’s way. Instead, here everyone is pointing fingers at nothing that has any backing.

    I’m sure neither the child’s parents had any knowledge that she brought the knife to school, nor did anyone else until it was brandished on the playground. If anyone did and they didn’t report it, they too should be held accountable.

    Be glad our schools have heroes working inside daily to try to make our future safer and brighter. It’s not always the employees’ fault that school buildings are so chaotic. They are merely dealing with the hand they are dealt and the students that inhabit the building each day. This is a true sampling of our entire community and the issues we face as a community, a state, and a nation. This is what we all need to be working to try to change. Each and every person who had anything to do with the child in question should be looking very deeply at themselves and wondering if they missed something. This was a close call that is too close for comfort for many. Every single person is on watch. It takes a village to raise a child and if the village is so busy that they are not paying attention to the child, it’s the village who is to blame.

    1. Thank you to your daughter for being a friend to her. If she’s being bullied, she needs her friends. These bullies need to be punished & their parents as well. A bully never regrets his actions until it’s too late.

      1. The problem is the bullying has to be reported and unfortunately reporting bullying in this district gets the victim in trouble with the people who are supposed to be protecting them. Parents getting involved get retaliated against if not full on bullied by the adults they are trying to report to! This poor girl seems to have felt she had no other choice. I wish I could hug her and her parents. I cannot Imagine the pain and defeat they feel.

  5. Scary stuff for sure. Any parent reading this should take a moment out of their day to discuss the importance of being open and honest with their children. Kids have incredible skills at masking issues until they don’t. If the girl in question was being bullied, this is a hell of way for the parents to find out. Be present in their lives. If something is wrong or off, dig into it.

  6. Well maybe the student that brought the knife was being bullied by other students! School Districts check backpacks now! This District has underlying issue that need to be address! This not your typical country district anymore! So stop treating issues like is!

    1. Always quick to blame the parents. This is a serious situation that could have turned bad quickly, thankfully that didn’t happen. But why are the parents to blame? Sometimes kids do bad things no matter what upbringing they’ve had, no matter how loved they are.

      1. Wrong , Parents are the blame . Kids that do bad things like violence always can be traced back to parenting .Also with bullying.

        1. Oh Bill, I assume YOU live a picture perfect life with model children? You’ll feel differently, and regret your words…God forbid your children or grandchildren do something bad one day. Kids have minds of their own and make bad decisions, doesn’t mean it’s the parents fault all the time.

  7. Hold up. A student had a steak knife on hand all morning long. My child is saying that happened in the afternoon right before release. This statement says Lunch. So which is it?

    Either way, parents were not notified till late this afternoon. In the mean time, the kids were in lockdown in their classrooms while it was “de-escalated”

    Is this incident related to the fight that happened during the recess and lunch hour yesterday? The one where allegedly several students were injured?
    I get that fights happen but how is a literal child able to walk around with a knife all day long and no one knew? And why are parents having to get information from their children BEFORE the school is letting anyone know? Anyone care to answer these questions are are we just going to sweep it under the rug and put our rose colored glasses back on?

    1. You already know the answer to all of your questions. BISD will sweep these incidents under the royal rug and hope that the clueless public will put on their rose colored glasses back on! If after a “thorough” investigation the allegations are verified to be true, the proper protocol is to NOT divulge the TRUTHFUL FACTS to the public because it makes our town, school, administrators and citizens look bad. The normal protocol is to defraud, deflect, deny and deceive. After all, it is only the health and safety of students that are at risk. Jobs, money and the smooth flow of capitalism is SO much more important. Now, our children follow the example of adults when it comes to conflict resolution. Violence is the means and manner that adults choose rather than a peaceful resolution of conflict. When we disagree, grab a gun, go grab an ax, attack people and sacred institutions to vent anger. This is all our young people see! Adults should be ashamed!

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