Brenham City Manager Carolyn Miller

The Brenham City Council agreed to raise the salary of City Manager Carolyn Miller at its meeting Thursday.

Following an executive session and evaluation of Miller, the council approved increasing Miller’s annual salary from $166,000 to $180,000, effective immediately.

Miller is classified as a city employee and does not have an employment contract.

Miller began her career with the City of Brenham in 2005, becoming assistant city manager in 2015.  She was named interim city manager in September 2021 after the city council terminated the contract of former city manager James Fisher.  She was appointed to the position full-time in January 2022


  1. Yet all the employees were told that no one would get raises this year in the city. Hmmm, that sure is interesting. Especially since they just raised wages for a few departments in the city that cannot get anyone to apply for their open positions because the field workers do not make enough for someone to want to come do those crappy jobs. Those poor field workers are just trying to support their families on the terrible pay they are making and they cannot even get a cost of living raise to counteract these inflation prices.

  2. Will she please help with parking downtown. I can into town to shop several times and could not find a parking spot, so I left. That means lost business for local stores. Why are the employees of the business parking in front of their business.

    1. Was it on a parade day? Hot nights cool tunes?

      There is plenty of parking downtown aside from 5-10 days a year. Maybe not directly in front of the business, but certainly close enough.

      So much more pressing for the city manager to worry about.

  3. Instead of giving the city manager such a high pay raise they need to give the people that are working in the field a pay raise. The people at city hall are over paid for what they do and the field workers are very under paid. They have openings in every department due to nobody wants to work their tail off for underpayment and feeling unappreciated.

  4. Not surprised. When the employees at the state school got 5%, the top three employees got $30,000 a year. Justify that! Food service workers make $1800.00 a month gross and the top three get double these people’s salary in a raise alone?
    Need more transparency!

  5. I make 35k a year as an employee of the school district. Think I’ll quit soon.

  6. No basic cost of living raise for employees during one of the highest inflation periods of the century but she gets a more than generous 1st year raise. Not a good look for the new manager.

  7. That’s good to hear, cause why would the blue collar works that are severely underpaid that actually keep the city running, have to deal with hazards (angry drivers etc.) and be away from families while on call in the elements, ever need a raise?

  8. City employees received a 0.0% cost of living increase due to needed budget cuts, yet the City Manager accepted a 7.78% pay increase? My bills and expenses are up 15%, yet no raise. With most city employees making under $45K, this is beyond shameful. Have you seen the job posting list? This will not help. Spectator, you should add to your hypocrisy article.

  9. Do you all seriously believe anyone worth anything would tackle the dumpster fire left by Fisher for a moderate salary? Instead of complaining you should send her a thank you card. She inherited chaos and 3 or 4 lawsuits.

    1. But the employees are supposed to be the team. The employees are the ones with the delegation thrown on to them and the employees are not supported. No cost of living increase was given to them for this year, one worker died and basically had a replacement immediately, and there is zero incentive for support staff for those bogged down with work. Everything a manager does trickles down to the rest. A true leader would support the ones further down the line first and be the one that eats last.

  10. What is she doing for the city where she deserves that kind of pay? Please enlighten me. All I see is big businesses coming in and taking business from small businesses

  11. Why does she deserve that kind of salary when the governor of Texas is paid only $153,750 a year??? Her job is more important than the governor?? The average Joe or Jane in Brenham is struggling just to pay rent and buy groceries . As of Jan 14, 2023, the average annual pay for a City Manager in Houston is $104,371 a year. So explain to me how Brenham is going to pay this kind of salary????

    1. Houston doesn’t have a city manager. The average base salary for any city manager in a large Texas metro is around 400k. They get bonuses and other perks as well. I don’t think the city manager of Brenham is being overpaid when viewing and comparing current living costs in the area. The problem lies with companies in Brenham, including the city, severely underpaying employees. These local companies are about fifteen years behind on the pay scale.

  12. WOW OMG!!! The biggest employer of workers in Brenham still pays about 26k a year for their blue collar workers…I guess I’m behind times or something is rotten here. Oh I guess that’s why we need more low income housing in Brenham. Really 166k just wasn’t enough….greed is a sin.

  13. Must be nice to get a $14,000 a year raise in the middle of a recession while the rest of us are struggling to put food on our tables and fuel in our vehicles.
    $166,000 a year comes out to $13,833 a month or $3,192 a week. Now, at $180,000, she will be making $15,000 a month or $3,461 a week. What the hell is this city manager doing for this town that makes her that valuable?

    1. She is still making less than the last person.

      $180k is below market average for a city manager who not only oversees and his held accountable for the general fund but all four utility companies as well. So divide her salary by five and maybe you won’t cry as hard.

      She probably quietly donates all of this money back to the city since she is independently wealthy outside of this job.

      WE SHOULD FEEL LUCKY TO HAVE HER and hope she still wants to keep working for the city she loves after she reads your negative and frankly baseless comments.

      Jealousy is the root of all evil.

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