The holiday shopping season has arrived, and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce encourages consumers to keep local businesses in mind during the biggest shopping days of the year.

Sandwiched in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday, a national campaign promoting shopping at locally-owned shops and stores during the holidays.

Chamber President Wende Ragonis says supporting a shop-local mentality has always been an emphasis of the Chamber, but that mindset carries much more importance this year.



Ragonis says it is not just the local economy that benefits from consumers choosing to shop small.



Several businesses in downtown Brenham have special promotions planned for this weekend.  To see what stores have specials or activities, visit the Black Friday Shopping in Downtown Brenham event page on Facebook.  Shoppers can also go online to

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  1. Buy local ????? Huh, groceries and wal mart cleaning supplies pretty much !. I was anticipating our GREAT LEADERS to have additional stores available for our needs.
    My goodness, they provided all these tax breaks and incentives to the people over out on feeder HWY 290. Grass is now covering what once was visible rich looking red colored soil !

    By the way Brenham City and Washington county residents>>>>>pay your tax bill by Jan 29, 2021 or be prepared to be penalized!

  2. I love to shop here in Brenham, but I WILL NOT support any businesses with a Trump sign on their premises. I’ve seen several and I’m completely disgusted by it. Politics should never be expressed at any place of employment or business.

    1. I guess you haven’t eaten at Trumpburger then, LOL. A business owner has the right to show support for any candidate, just as you have the right to not support that business. Of course a business owner runs the risk of offending his or her employees. Personally I’m not sure I’ve seen any retailers with signs for Trump or Biden in Brenham.

  3. Taco Clare did you think about the reason we don’t have stores is to many people on line

    1. Would love to shop in Brenham, BUT can’t afford the specialty boutiques in downtown and the only place to shop is Wal Mart… so don’t push shop Brenham on me….

      1. Shop local is not just referring to clothing. There are many other things that people buy as gifts for Christmas that can be bought locally.

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