(from left) Dr. Vanessa Sarfoh, Dr. Aaron Campbell, Dr. Christina Prendergast
(courtesy Baylor Scott and White)

Baylor Scott and White’s Labor and Delivery Department in Brenham is now fully staffed.

The second of two new full-time OB/GYNs recently began working at Baylor Scott and White in Brenham, which now has three board-certified OB/GYNs: Dr. Aaron Campbell, Dr. Vanessa Sarfoh, and Dr. Christina Prendergast.  Dr. Sarfoh and Dr. Prendergast were both hired in January, after Baylor Scott and White spent all of 2019 searching for permanent OB/GYN support.

Dr. Prendergast, who began working in Brenham August 24th, said she had a good feeling about coming to Brenham from the moment she came in for her interview.



Dr. Christina Prendergast
(courtesy Baylor Scott and White)

Dr. Prendergast performed her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University before going to medical school at the University of North Texas in Fort Worth.  She completed her residency training at Texas Tech University in Midland.

Dr. Sarfoh, who started in Brenham March 9th, said big factors in her decision to come to Brenham were closeness to family and ease of travel.



Dr. Vanessa Sarfoh
(courtesy Baylor Scott and White)

Dr. Sarfoh studied at the University of Pennsylvania, University at Albany, and State University of New York at Buffalo.  She completed her residency training at MetroHealth in Cleveland, Ohio, and did a year of GYN surgery training before moving to Brenham.

Dr. Campbell, who has been with Baylor Scott and White in Brenham since July 2012, was not shy to admit that the times without permanent OB/GYN support were very difficult, saying the future for OB/GYN services in Brenham looked bleak for a time.  He said he was involved in Baylor Scott and White’s selection process and all interviews, adding he feels Dr. Prendergast and Dr. Sarfoh were “no-brainer choices”.  He said their presence does much more than simply fill vacant positions.



Dr. Aaron Campbell
(courtesy Baylor Scott and White)

After completing undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University, Dr. Campbell attended medical school at the University of Texas in Houston.  He completed his residency training at the Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

The Labor and Delivery Department at Baylor Scott and White in Brenham temporarily closed in December of 2018 after Dr. Campbell, the only certified OB/GYN in Brenham at the time, went on medical leave.  It was reopened in January of 2019 using OB/GYNs from within and outside the Baylor Scott and White system, with Dr. Campbell providing gynecology and backup labor and delivery services.

Dr. Campbell said the three doctors are already seeing patients come in to register for prenatal care after conceiving in late spring and early summer, during the peak of the COVID-19 shutdown.  He said he is expecting quite a surge in newborns, and projects birth numbers will show that from November through early spring of 2021.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Sarfoh for being so kind to me when I first met you. She is very understanding. Explains everything clearly. Very informative in my questions. My surgery went well, and even when I needed to come back, she saw me right away. She made me feel important and not just a patient. Welcome to Brenham. Thank you for Everything

  2. I agree with Megan and thank you Dr Sarfoh and Dr Prendergast for coming to Brenham Texas. We have a great health community and a lot of really great doctors and staff. Let’s support them and keep our hospital and community going in the right direction! Thank you Dr Campbell for your perseverance and commitment as well!

  3. Also, thank you to Brenham Family Practice (Dr. Bode, Dr. Workman, Dr. Simons, Dr. Holster) for taking continuous call and really stepping up for the OB unit when we needed it most! These doctors never get enough recognition for everything they have done and continue to do, not only for the OB department but the entire hospital!

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