Brandon Cooke
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Faith Mission’s internship program has undergone some changes due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to health concerns and to mitigate potential spread of the coronavirus, Prairie View A&M University has restricted students from doing their field placement in the community.  Even with these restrictions, Faith Mission will provide opportunities for two Prairie View A&M students: Brandon Cooke and Robyn Shardee Barber.

Cooke, a graduating senior from Fort Worth, is studying kinesiology and health, hoping to aid athletes and potential basketball players.  He believes what he learns from Faith Mission will benefit him greatly in the future, no matter if he learns it in person or virtually.



Robyn Barber
(courtesy photo)

After earning his degree, Cooke hopes to be admitted into a physical therapy or chiropractor school.

Barber, a sophomore kinesiology major from Houston, underwent surgery in her senior year of high school after suffering an ACL injury, which ended her basketball and track career.  She hopes to develop skills that will directly aid her in her field of interest.



Barber’s overall goal is to become a physical therapist and hopefully open her own sports medicine facility.

For over a decade, Faith Mission has served as a field placement site for students from the Division of Social Work, Behavioral and Political Sciences at Prairie View A&M.  Dr. Angela Branch-Vital, Department Head of Health and Kinesiology at Prairie View A&M, said Faith Mission has “been a jewel” for students.  Faith Mission Executive Director Reverend Randy Wells said Faith Mission is “committed to training the next generation of young people to be the best professionals they can be”.


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  1. An internship that is held virtually and not in person does not make any sense. If that is the case, they should be able to accept many interns from all over the country to help the student(s) and Faith Mission’s mission.
    Nice gesture, but it sounds fruitless as described.
    Is there more that is being left out in the article?

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