A former U.S. Congressman and former U.S. Senate and presidential candidate is coming to Brenham next week.

Beto O'Rourke

Beto O’Rourke will hold a town hall on Monday at 11:30 a.m. at the Ollie Finke Pavilion at Fireman’s Park.

O’Rourke’s stop in Brenham is one of several this month along his statewide tour to promote voting rights.  After Brenham, he plans to visit Prairie View, Sugar Land, Beaumont, Waco and Austin.

O’Rourke represented Texas 16th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2019.  He lost his bid for election to the U.S. Senate in 2018 against Ted Cruz, and was a candidate in the 2020 presidential election before suspending his race in November 2019.  At this time, he is not seeking election as Governor of Texas.

To learn more about the event, or to RSVP, visit O’Rourke’s website,

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  1. Good point. Seems like he’s a “former” everything. Why give him an audience?

  2. For those on board with taking AR15s, can you cite the stats for what percentage of shootings/murders are carried out with AR15s? Would you be willing to post that number next to lives taken by automobiles or cigarettes? What about AR15s vs. knives? Are emotions more important when enacting laws than facts?

  3. Please do not have any violence.
    There will kids there who are trying to be more involved in civil community discussions.
    Thank you.

  4. Regarding beto’s “…hell yes, we are going to take your AR15…” – the comforting thing about that statement is that WE ALL KNOW, that all the criminals; mass shooters will be the FIRST in line, TURNING IN their weapons. After all, it has been working so well in “GUN FREE ZONES”, like Chicago…

  5. Let’s refrain from “Name Calling” please. That will never help in uniting people. Let’s be open to this meeting and come prepared to ask REAL QUESTIONS pertaining to this issue and demand honest answers. The idea of voting without proper Identification is totally unreal. As a previous comment stated the fact that you must show identification to get a covid shot pretty well sums it up. And we know the government wants ALL vaccinated. So there is the opportunity to get the Identification necessary to vote. Please , everyone has to have identification to do any transactions or get any medical help. Who are they referring to that supposedly do not have proper identification ? I had to show my ID to even purchase a car battery at Walmart. Let’s go and be present and speak up about these issues and have Brenham live up to the title of ” City of Hospitality”.

  6. Instead of showing up with your guns and being an embarrassment to Washington County, why not show respect and accept that opposing views still have a right to be heard? You want to suppress the other side. You can support for your candidate when they come to town. A democrat comes here and some of you want to make a scene and run him out of town. A republican has a function and the other side remains quite and respectful. This is the behavior that has driven away 20-40year olds away from the Republican Party. Brenham & Washington Co are not near 100% Republican and the sooner we can all accept that and start listening to each other again, the sooner we can get back to a better & peaceful way of life.

  7. Attend in droves but say nothing, be silent.
    Listen to what he has to say then ask questions.

    Questions like:
    Do you want CRT in K-12?
    Is a (BIPOC) person 100% responsible for their behavior or is a product or partly product of systemic oppression by the white man?
    Do males have a physical advantage over females and are hormone blockers 100% effective for those with gender dysphoria disorder ?
    If national labor, safety, and environmental standards cause the price of production to increase, how is globalization anything but the subversion of a national free market ?
    And how is it anything but the subversion of the American middle class that started before globalization with pensions and is now tied to risky and limited 401Ks?
    Is an assault weapon something that is semi automatic or automatic or both? Is an assault weapon something that looks menacing and is painted black and shoots bullets and nothing more?
    Is it OK to outsource labor to another country as the expense of US workers?
    Do you want El Paso to have a border fence?
    Do you want to make it easier for exploitable labor to come to the US?
    If so, is it good that the current US citizen must rely more on the government more?
    Do you think whiteness exists? If so, please be specific about what its values are outside of the patriarchy, bigotry and racism?
    Should a Church or private school or public school or family be held to requiring students or children be taught or cared by someone (at at school or with the babysitter that is LGTBQ even if the parents object?
    Do we need trade with China in any form? Is it racist to not have trade with China?
    What do you think of the theories of Karl Marx?
    Should Planned Parenthood be tax payer subsidized?
    How old should the baby be before you use partial birth abortion to kill it?
    Is man (men and women and those of the in between variety of the modern world) naturally good and unflawed or is he flawed?

    Lots of other questions but most of us have to work, Beta isn’t after those votes though based on the time.

  8. Redneck, that is true. Unfortunately, certain political groups have proven that any type of retaliation is considered freedom of speech. Even if it requires having their followers appear at these rallies as impostors acting as an unruly opposition. I cannot be there. I have a job. If I was living off of government welfare, I would be there. I am sure many will be there to support the candidate in an effort to support their welfare income or to pose as unruly opposition. That makes social media great.

  9. What sick ridiculous puppets we are / and what gross little stage we dance on / What fun we have dancing / Not a care in the world / Not knowing that we are nothing / We are not what was intended.

  10. Bill is 100% right everyone should have a voters I.D card to vote this will insure a fair election for both parties some say that this is unfair for the minority groups I don’t see how this could be true if a person truly wants to vote they will find a way to get an I.D card

    1. We agree! There is nothing hideous about requiring a voter ID card. However, closing polling places, placing limits on early voting, prohibiting mail -in voting and other creative ways to limit and restrict certain groups (elderly, minorities, whites) the right to vote has to be opposed by any means necessary. Trump voted by mail and then railed against mail-in voting. Voting is an American right and not a privilege. We should be (are WE are) doing everything possible to encourage and make it easier for the citizens of this nation to vote.

    2. The bigger question is, “who doesn’t already have some kind of ID?” The people who want no ID requirement are the same people who can manage an ID to buy liquor, or drive a car or get a government handout. The only people who don’t want ID at the polls are people who intend to vote twice, vote on behalf of a dead person or who are ineligible to vote because of age, residency or some other restriction.

  11. So excited to see him in this little redneck town! It’s nice to have an intelligent, well spoken politician who is truly concerned for the fate of this state, especially considering how few open speaking events have been held by any local politicians in the past few years.

    1. Sounds like there is at least one person who likes Robert Francis.
      Such nice words you speak to your fellow Brenhamites.
      I am sure you are a fair and honest person.
      This will not be a open dialogue with this failed political hack. I hope it will be, but I would bet the questions are prearranged and screened. Redneck town?
      You definitely sound like a good person.
      Not judgmental or racist at all.
      I am glad they posted your nonsense.

    2. Ted Cruz spoke in Brenham a couple of years ago. Hopefully Beto can refrain from throwing out F bombs today like he has in past rallies.

  12. Voting Laws in the United States that have worked prior to the 2020 Election should NEVER be compromised. The pre-2020 Election Laws created the Greatest Nation ever in the world.

  13. We cannot and should not live in a country where anyone who disagrees with our point of view is attacked or silenced. The mass shooting epidemic that is going on in this country needs to be stopped before more innocent children and others are killed. Open dialogue should be welcomed so that this be stopped. To ban someone with a differing opinion sounds like shades of Hitler’s philosophy to me. Mr Deans, with all due respect for your personal opinion be assured that you do not speak for everyone in Washington County.

    1. No. He just speaks for those with common sense and an understanding of the constitution.

  14. You guys are going to give this guy exactly what he wants……..lots of attention. Go ahead and make a scene, I’m sure he’ll have his press guys there. Then they’ll use it against you. Just be cool. Stay home. This too shall pass. Beto who?

  15. Oppose with dignity and intelligence! Please do not embarrass those of us who oppose Beto and his cronies by stooping to undignified and unintelligent actions!

    1. Absolutely agree! Let the man speak to an empty park. This is our first amendment at work. I will be leaving immediately following the monument dedication.

  16. He doesn’t want to abolish the 2nd Amendment. He wants to prohibit military style weapons, like AR-15. 74% of Americans, including 46% of Republicans, support this very limited ban.

    Also, we should be doing EVERYTHING we can to encourage legal voting. Make it easier, not harder. I want all to vote, even if you don’t agree with me.

    1. Thank you for being a reasonable human being. Agreed 100%. As Abbott and friends try to pass their very own Enabling Act to give themselves the power to overrule the will of the people and simply throw out votes they don’t agree with, we need rational voices to speak up for the bedrock concept to democracy: the RIGHT to vote.

    2. The 14+ million AR-15 style gun owners and probably most of the owners of 400+ million firearms in the US peacefully disagree.

    3. An Ak-47 is from 1947, think about the old design. 1947. A Ar15 is the civilians model of a M16 1960…not a war weapon. No different from a semi automatic shotgun. 20 million in civilian hands. Check your percentages on their use. Outlaw cars Rusty then talk to us.

    4. LEGAL voting, yes. But if you can’t prove who you are, you should not be able to vote.
      You know if there is any way to game a system, people are going to exploit it.

    5. Umm no we don’t support this or any other bans. If anything we support the repeal of most firearm bans. Since most people cannot agree on pizza toppings I find it hard to Believe that that many Americans agree on having their rights taken away.

    6. WRONG. There are no “assault” wezpons that are currently legal for the public to own. An AR15 is just a rifle with a hand grip and the name is for Armalite model 15, t hff e first company that manufactured that model if weapon

      Encourage voting yea, but democrats bill bans voter ID and mandates mall vote by mai Linn, a national takeover of state elections and makes fraud much easier to commit.

    7. Ha, yeah right he doesn’t want to abolish it-I’m sure is is ok with someone being “allowed” to only possess a single shot shotgun after they undergo a psychological exam, undergo government mandated training, and it be required to be locked away when not in use. Everything else- well h$&& yes, he’s doing to come take. One percentage you fail to note is 99.9% of Democrats are in favor of banning scary looking and functioning firearms!
      Democrats have become masters of changing the definition of words. You state you are for “legal” voting. Why, all we need to understand is the left feels no person is illegal, therefore they are legal, and must be allowed to vote.

  17. I hope everyone is welcomed in our county, regardless of political views.
    I disagree with most of his ideas but I think it takes some backbone to have a town hall in a predominately Republican county knowing he will most likely get a rude reception by many of our fine vocal citizens.

    1. True. Takes guts. Just because Trump supporters love to be in your face and rude doesn’t mean there are more of them. You have a right to speak anywhere you want, Beto.

  18. Deans Here – Game On! I want EVERY 2nd Amendment Supporter to TAKE OFF WORK this Monday at 11:30am and Show up at Ollie Finke Pavilion at Fireman’s Park WITH ME to tell BETO O’ROURKE who is Coming HERE to BRENHAM for a townhall meeting. This is the ‘guy’ who said, “Hell yeah, I’m coming for your AR15s and AK47s….” Let’s band together as Washington County Patriots and tell this cowardly gun grabber to get out of our town and our county! MORE TO COME…stay tuned!!!!

    1. Bring it on radical. You will be outnumbered by intelligent, patriotic, 2nd amendment supporters gun owners who don’t need unsportsmanlike semi automatic weapons to hunt deer. We are not liberal nuts, we are responsible, reasonable people who are tired of the slaughter of innocents by these weapons.

      1. The Second Amendment says NOTHING about hunting and or hunting rights, Comrade Liberal! You no more support the Second Amendment than you do our First Amendment rights when we have a differing opinion and our Fifteenth Amendment rights when we vote for a conservative candidate. Please attend the Beto love fest and, if he rides into town in a dress on his skateboard, all the merrier!

    2. Mr. Deans, what do you need an AR15 or AK47 for? I am seriously asking and sincerely want to know. If you own one of these, what do you use it for? These weapons were designed for military use. What do you need this for that you cannot use a .357, 45, or rifle for? Please no ugly comments as I am asking a sincere question. And yes, I too am a gun owner, licensed to carry..

      1. Who are you, and why do want to know?
        It is none of your business.
        How about this, don’t purchase one if you do not want one, Mr. Gun owner.
        Our friend Dr. Deans does not need to answer to you, or Robert Francis O’Rourke.
        This is Washington County Texas. The birthplace of Texas.
        The last time I checked, that still meant something. Do you think that the Independence from Mexico was gained by nice talk and hand guns? Check yourself sir. “Beto” has nothing to gain here in Washington County.
        He is a self declared enemy of our county, even before his gun taking B.S.
        Read his positions.
        Terribleness walking and talking.

      2. We own one. They are not military grade weapons. Please do more research about these guns. We use them for hunting and home protection. Not trying to be disrespectful. Some individuals own guns to collect them. There is nothing wrong with that. In all honestly it is no ones business why people buy these guns. The problem is not the gun it is the evil person with evil intentions. Not law abiding citizens. Lets just say they did make the AR illegal to own. Do you really not think the cartels would not have a new illegal business they would start. These people could care less about our laws they will always find a way to make money. The founders believed gun ownership so important it is #2. They understood protecting ones family and tyrranical governments. I am not a nut who is preparing for the end. I will tell you this the rise in home invasions and theft in our area and North Houston is all the reason in the world I need one. I understand these guns make some people uncomfortable, then don’t buy one. We are a family of law enforcement and understand gun safety.

    3. Instead of getting all up in arms (literally) and radical about his visit, why not have a CIVIL conversation with him. It would do our country good if everyone would calm down and stop being so reactive and hot-headed… including the politicians. Telling him to get out of our town is not the answer. We should get back to having earnest sincere conversations about our differences and find common ground somewhere to eliminate the division and rancor. It is toxic for our nation.

  19. Please don’t provide any protection services. He doesn’t want to pay for them!

  20. Looking forward to a town hall type meeting with any politically knowledgeable person. None of the current state or federal representatives have the courage or fortitude to appear in a public forum for numerous years, it is refreshing. Looking forward to the event.

    1. Thank you “Lady senior”. You have exercised great common sense. If more people were smart enough to shut up and listen for a change there would be less misinformation and confusion in our nation. It is a refreshing relief to actually read an intelligent post free of racist and political nonsense! We peruse the editorials of major news networks as part of our community educational outreach and your post made our day!

      1. Agree with you. I wish people could listen and agree to disagree, but respect each other.

      2. I am really, really tired of your liberal canards. You fall back on presuming we are not intelligent. I am educated and I am not a liberal. Please explain to me how your position is in any way more reasonable than my own conservative views. I didn’t think so.

        1. That’s cool, too each his own. I do agree that liberal canards are tiresome while conservative canards become reality with the telling.

        2. When did I say that I was a liberal? You assumed that! Perhaps you should not criticize what you do not fully understand. And by doing so you proved my point. So statements like, run him out of “our” town or grab your guns are conservative thoughts? More like unreasonable soft terrorist threats coming from unstable minds. The free exchange of ideas is what has made democracy a successful experiment. Words have consequences! DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS AND PLACE LABELS ON PEOPLE UNTIL YOU COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THEIR POSITION.

  21. fighting against voter oppression. what about the oppressed voter who have their votes count for nothing against fake votes. I’m sorry Beto, but I don’t buy it. You need ID to get a COVID shot. Is that oppressive too? You get carded for buying tobacco and liquor, I bet that is oppressive too huh? Why don’t you stay home and stop spreading your big lie.

  22. Lets give him a Unwelcome in Brenham. His big overreaching government ideology is not what we want in Brenham or Texas.

    1. I certainly don’t want my town to become known as “unwelcoming”! Express your opinion to him in a civil way!

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