The Washington County Appraisal District Board of Directors welcomed a new member at its meeting today (Tuesday).

Douglas Borchardt was chosen to fill the vacant board position formerly held by Johanna Fatheree.

Also at today’s meeting, the board voted on its 2022 officers.  John Schaer Jr. will serve as board chair, and Leslie Boehnemann Jr. will be the secretary.

In other action, the board entered into a new contract with Eagleview for aerial imagery.  The annual cost for the new two-year contract is $51,350.

The board also gave Chief Appraiser Dyann White permission to purchase a new fleet truck for field work, upon receiving an additional quote.  Only one true proposal was received, and no sealed bids were submitted.

Board members then agreed to edit the budget calendar.  With the new schedule, the preliminary budget will need to be presented by February 15th, and budget approval will occur by May 15th.

The board also performed an evaluation for White as chief appraiser.

One Comment

  1. A question for our board and mayor. Why was it so important to have a 52,000 contract with Eagleview Aerial at this time when we should be a little conservative? Not to mention the new fleet field truck when trucks are 10,000 more than last year? You have no after thoughts about spending the taxpayers money. Because it comes back to us in one way or another. The budget is tight for everyone including you. Please stop spending our money on a whim learn to say NO. Heard of inflation? We feel it. Tired of your not so well thought out decisions.

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