The Visit Brenham Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) has received honors from the Texas Travel Awards Program.

Sponsored by the publishers of Austin Monthly, San Antonio Magazine and Texas Music, the program recognizes tourism marketers across the state for their efforts to bring tourism dollars to local destinations.

Visit Brenham received three awards in the categories of Destination Social Media Account/Mid-Market, Visitor Center/Mid-Market and Bar/Small Market for Floyd’s Wine Lounge.

You can read more about each award below.

(Award captions courtesy Visit Brenham)


(courtesy Visit Brenham)

Destination Social Media Account/Mid-Market: Visit Brenham Social Media

Visit Brenham’s Instagram account is an accessible way to show tourists everything Brenham/Washington County has to offer.  Using colorful, professional photography and video, @visitbrenham showcases the scenery, attractions and happenings in the county.  Stories and highlights feature tourism partners’ posts and tourists’ posts, while guides offer content similar to the DMO’s blog posts.


Visitor Center/Mid-Market: Brenham/Washington County Visitor Center

(courtesy Visit Brenham)

When restoration/renovation of the historic 1925 Simon Theatre in Downtown Brenham began, one of the street-side spaces was set aside to house a new Visitor Center.  This space is next door to the original, restored theatre entrance marked by the original lighted marquee.

Today’s Visitor Center, which opened in 2010, includes two offices, a workroom, storage room and ample room for display kiosks containing both local and area-wide travel information.  Massive support columns anchor a long counter where visitors are welcomed and information is dispensed.  Covering the large wall behind the counter is an image of Independence Hall at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site complete with costumed reenactors.  The marquee above proclaims “Birthplace of Texas” and provides a terrific photo opportunity.

The Washington County Visitor Center is one of the most unique centers of its kind in the state, receiving accolades for both its beauty and the outstanding customer service its enthusiastic staff provides.


(courtesy Visit Brenham)

Bar/Small Market: Floyd’s Wine Lounge

One part of Downtown Brenham that has been untouched for years is coming to life due to new businesses like Floyd’s Wine Lounge.  What was once a storage unit full of gym equipment is now renovated into a vibrant wine lounge full of neon pink and complete with a beautiful back patio.  When Pete and Jennifer, new to Brenham, were confined due to Covid, the idea of a wine lounge came into play.  Named after the owners’ accessory-loving, 13-year-old Labrador retriever, pictures of Floyd with his pink neon glasses are found throughout the space.

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  1. It’s wonderful that those magazines honored us in such a great manner. In my feelings and has been in my thoughts since I was a teenager when I’ve been to a couple of small towns and others in other states also that kept their towns way back to be historic. So my thoughts have always felt especially since Washington County is “The Birth Place of Texas” the city should have made it to always stay close to honor that time but still could have the modern businesses that are wanting to join our amazing community. The younger generation doesn’t even know anything about The Birth Place of Texas. I’d suggest that our city council do more things to bring more awareness to our town of the reenactments and everything that goes on out on the “Washington – on – the – Brazos a lot more than they do. So the new businesses when remodeling the town should’ve been proud enough for our very historic county to keep it looking historic of that time in ways on the outside. We would have all states knowing about us and have times over the visitors like those others on all maps of a great, more amazing and fun place we are also I’m proud to live in the county of The – of – Place- of Texas. Remember the Alamo was their cry

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