Roy Burger Films showed off their new offices to the press this (Thursday) morning.  The new offices are located at 3140 South Blue Bell Road inside the MIC building.  Roy Burger said that the offices will be their center of operations for the planned Burning of Brenham movie and other film making projects.  Burger had previously planned on using the old Alton Elementary campus that he has leased from the school district, but the break-ins and vandalism at that location changed his mind.  He said he may still utilize the gymnasium there for green screen shots.

The Burning of Brenham movie will be based on the book of the same title by Brenham’s Sharon Brass.  Burger says that he plans on utilizing the new facility to produce numerous other movies and film projects.  A movie set was planned to be built during the summer on property leased by Burger from the city Brenham, but that was put on hold after the May flooding.  Burger said that the movie is moving forward now and that it will be a big economic asset to the area.  He said that he has already received hundreds of applications for people hoping to be extras in the film and said that anyone interested could drop their information by the new office or through his website at RBFilmProductions.com.

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  1. This is GREAT!!! I have been involved in Thearte and movies for a long time and I am a local from Austin County now part of Brenham. Thank You for filming in Texas despite our current Governor and lack of film fundings and grants under the administration. If you should need a Large Bearded Man in any capacity my services are volunteer and available immediatly. I would do my part based on my love for the film. Good Luck….and I will see you at the Oscars!

    1. “despite our current Governor and lack of film fundings and grants under the administration”!

      You have got to be kidding me. Exactly why would we as tax payers expect our state government to fund a private enterprise like this? Yes it is a neat idea to make this film and I am glad it is Brenham, but under no circumstances do I expect our state government to involve our tax payer dollars in any type of project like this.

      1. Absolutely Right. Hopefully our Local Government will NOT arbitrarily spend any of our Local Tax Dollars either. Especially, after our Property Taxes just Increased ..Again. Thanks for the Comment !!!!!!

        1. That’s not the way it works. To even qualify you have to meet strict requirements. You have to hire 90% Texan, use Texas Vendors, there are to many regulations to type down. I will ask the Banner Press if I could run a copy of the requirements. I’m glad you brought this up so I can clear this up NOW! We had $30,000,000 in the Incentive Fund a few years ago. That $30,000,000 brought in to our State over $620,000,000. Production company has to show documentation for every requirement. Production comes into your county with our own money, not the States. We pay for everything as we go. At the in of the Shoot, then we have to prove we followed the guidelines. After all of that we may qualify for 5 to10% of our budget. The money spent in your county is a great deal more than your property taxes
          . RB

          1. When I ran a business and brought more money into the state, the state never offered me any incentive. As a matter of fact, the more business I brought into the state, the more money the state asked for. Good luck with your little movie, but I don’t think any film maker should be taking my tax dollars.

  2. What an exciting time for the little town of Brenham! Mr Burger’s interest in our community’s history is to be applauded! Thank you!!!!

    1. Any community who hosted anything Mr. Burger was involved in was left in good shape and economically benefited. Not to mention the true historical saga that will be told about Brenham after the Civil War, the German immigrants who established the town and The Giddings brothers.

  3. I would love to be involved at any capacity. I am from Texas, but have been traveling for work due to the shortage of film work here. It would be great to work in my home state again. Paint Dept

  4. Big doin’s in Brenham. Proud of all the hard work you have put in and accomplishments you have made Roy Gene. Keep up the positive work!

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