Property values are up moderately for most local entities in Washington County.

Chief Appraiser Willy Dilworth has released 2020’s certified appraisal numbers for Washington County, the Cities of Brenham and Burton, Brenham and Burton ISDs, Blinn College, and the Oak Hill Water District.

For Washington County as a whole, the assessed property value this year—before frozen taxes—totaled $4,240,650,405, 2.37 percent over last year’s values of $4,142,466,913. The average homestead in the county was valued at $202,580 this year, up from last year’s average valuation of $199,906.

Dilworth said most of this year’s value increases come from new residential and commercial construction, along with oil and gas pipelines and the refinery near Burton on Old Mill Creek Road.

The City of Brenham’s property values rose 3.73 percent from $1,454,612,209 in 2019 to $1,508,964,346 in 2020. Brenham’s average homestead increased in value to $178,008 from $175,797 last year.

The City of Burton’s values went up this year to $30,465,911, 3.01 percent over last year’s values of $29,574,917. The average homestead in Burton valued at $161,276, compared to last year’s average value of $159,964.

Brenham ISD saw a 4.03 increase in values, rising from $3,183,756,729 in 2019 to $3,312,167,906 in 2020. The average homestead in Brenham ISD increased from $202,191 last year to $204,941 this year.

Meanwhile, Burton ISD’s values dropped 3.14 percent to $722,578,477 from $746,047,260 last year. Burton ISD’s average homestead still increased in value from 2019’s $185,278 to 2020’s $188,077.

Dilworth said Burton ISD’s loss was largely due to a decrease in mineral values, brought on by a drop in production at the refinery and a decline in oil prices.



Burton ISD’s mineral values for 2020 were down 9.97 percent—or $33,809,800—from 2019’s values of $339,042,930. The county’s overall mineral values were up 0.13 percent in 2020, reporting values of $724,870,400 compared to 2019’s $723,868,941.

Blinn College netted a 2.57 percent increase in values, going from $4,157,325,398 in 2019 to $4,264,524,742 in 2020. The average Blinn homestead valued at $202,580, compared to last year’s average of $199,906.

The Oak Hill Water District reported a 0.47 percent increase in values, going from $45,124,362 last year to $45,336,060 this year. The average homestead rose in value to $297,022 from $295,602 in 2019.

The certified numbers will be given to various governmental entities, who will set tax rates in the coming months to fund their new fiscal year budgets.

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  1. This is actually extremely disturbing. I’ve been out of work since November 2019 and now that Covid19 has been here since the end of 2019, officially shut down in March, I haven’t been able to find work like many other’s and WCAD claims an increase in property value again this year. I’m about to be put on the auction block for unpaid property taxes. I haven’t been able to reach anyone at TWC for unemployment benefits/emergency relief, or the IRS for the stimulus, but interest and penalties keep growing. 😡

    1. Shane, keep trying with TWC, it takes time and repeated calls (as your call will likely get dropped a few times) but you will get through. Plan to dedicate about 2 hrs on the phone and first thing in the morning. Not sure about the IRS.

      Work in Texas lots of posted jobs up. Many in Brenham and the area.
      Sorry about your situation. Situations like yours are why we never should have shut down, it is and was a huge mistake to close anything. All we’ve ever had to do was protect the old and immune compromised with real protection and we’ve never even done that. We did destroy our economy, cause the next depression, cause millions of future deaths due to poverty, lost homes, lost livelihoods, lost childhoods thanks to the foolish fear mongers. Remember who they are.

      Sweden has a COVID mortality now close to zero, GDP is down but its not a record low or subtraction at all. They are starting their victory lap. As I and many others said from the beginning, about 5 months ago now, their plan is the best one to follow. It will be harder now, but we can still stop following the foolish fear mongers and open up 100% now.

    2. Shane, there are some properties in the district that have over $25,000 in back taxes levied against them, and nothing yet has been done to the owners, even though they been delinquent going on four years. There is also a subdivision north of town where lots are selling for $45,000 plus per acre and the developer has the lots categorized as “haymeadows” and pays a pittance in taxes; his wife is also an appraiser with the Washington County Appraisal District. Fair, honest, and above board? Not really, but that’s what goes on.

  2. I added a $30k pool to my property – realtors will confirm this may add $5-10k to my home value at best. Why did the tax appraisal reflect the full $30k increase – no fair not lawful
    I added a simple lean-to car cover to my house (no concrete – just rocks on the ground. Cost was $4,700. My tax value was increased by $10,000.
    Again, not fair nor legal Chappell Hill

    1. Tommy , We too put in a pool in 2017, We paid a little over 30,000 for it, the first year I received a tax notice stating that my pool had increased the value of my home by $ 55,000 . I went in to the tax office showed them my bill for the pool and they decreased it to a Value of $32,000. and admitted to me that ” They really don’t know How to estimate pool values” Our pool is a simple one with no spa or rock waterfalls. My neighbor installed a pool about the same time and paid well over $50,000 for it, Spa and huge waterfall with Grotto. Their value of their pool is $25,000 so consistency is unheard of at the Tax office.

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