(courtesy Fayette Co. Sheriff's Office)

Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies confiscated nearly $40,000 in cash during a traffic stop Wednesday.

Shortly after 2:30 p.m., Drug Interdiction Investigator David Smith stopped a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo SUV on I-10 near Flatonia.

After speaking with the driver and receiving consent to search the vehicle, Smith located an aftermarket compartment built into the engine area under the manifold.  Inside the compartment were several vacuum sealed bundles of United States currency.

Jose Flores
(Fayette Co. Jail)

Smith, along with Drug Interdiction Sergeant Randy Thumann and K-9 Kolt, seized $39,490.

54-year-old Jose Flores of Uvalde was arrested for Felony Money Laundering and transported to the Dan R. Beck Justice Center.

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  1. What? You’re telling us on a routine traffic stop…the officer stood on the side of the high way and dismantled the motor? O.O wow
    Thinking consent to search doesn’t mean that!

    1. Ok quick lesson, to the trained eye of an interdiction officer violating the integrity of vehicle components is obvious, along with certain interrogation methods probable cause is developed , at that point you can check with a K9, move the suspect vehicle to a safe location for disassembly and proceed with your investigation.
      With that being said Fayette County does an excellent job at interdiction , it’s a shame more agencies don’t get involved.

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