Washington County Fair Manager Dean Fuchs goes over the work that went into a new lease agreement between the Washington County Fair Association and the Washington County Expo during county commissioners' meeting Tuesday.

Washington County Commissioners signed off today (Tuesday) on a new lease agreement between the Washington County Fair Association and the Washington County Expo.

The 25-year agreement sets out the rental rate schedule and guidelines for the usage of Expo facilities during the county fair and fair-related events.

Fair Manager Dean Fuchs said the work to put together the agreement with Expo Director Harrison Williams has taken two years, and he is glad to be approaching the finish line.



The agreement begins retroactively on January 1st and will end on December 31, 2046, renewing every five years.  The annual rate for the 2022-26 term will be $40,000, going up to $54,000 by the 2042-46 term.  Tenant lease fees will be paid quarterly.

Fuchs said the new agreement is “a turnkey deal” and does not cost the Fair Association any more in the long run.



Commissioner Candice Bullock echoed Fuchs’ statement, saying this is “a lateral move financially” that allows the county to take some logistical issues off of the hands of fair officials, so they can focus on just the fair.

Previous discussion from when the agreement was tabled by the court on April 5th centered on insurance.  The county wished to add an indemnity clause or list the Fair Association as co-insured, but the Fair Association sought its own liability separate from the county.

The approved agreement does include an indemnity clause that holds Washington County harmless from claims, demands, causes of action, damages, judgments, losses and expenses stemming from injuries or property damage in connection to the fair or the Fair Association.  Fuchs said while an indemnity clause would not be needed in a perfect world, he understands its requirement, adding he is glad that piece ended up being the sticking point and not the rates or terms of the agreement.

In a separate item, commissioners also approved rental fees for the use of Expo facilities, including the Event Center, VIP Building and Sales Facility.  The new fees include increases for weekend rentals and reduced rates for weekday rentals.

Also in court today, commissioners:

  • Approved the purchase of a 2022 Chevy Tahoe and aftermarket upfitting for the Precinct 2 Constable’s Office from Lake Country Chevrolet of Jasper, using funding from “other contingency”. The vehicle purchase is for $38,236, and the upfitting comes from Thin Line Upfitters of Hockley for $15,525.  Bullock explained that the county will save between $10,000 and $15,000 by purchasing the vehicle outright instead of leasing it through Enterprise.
  • Approved discarding or salvaging county property that was damaged during Winter Storm Uri at the Expo. Facilities Manager Bobby Branham said several pieces of furniture, including office work stations, office chairs and shelves, were damaged to the point that they cannot be sold or donated.
  • Canvassed the results of the May 7th constitutional amendment election.
  • Approved a subdivision variance request for a land division fronting Dead End Lane in Precinct 4.
  • Held a workshop to discuss the Texas County and District Retirement System.
  • Heard reports from the sheriff’s office, E-911, EMS, Information Technology and the Veterans Service Officer.
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  1. Feel free to take that Tahoe right back to Lake Country Chevrolet in Jasper when it has a recall or needs repair.

  2. What the problem with buying local. Buying a new Tahoe out of the county and doing the upgrades out of county to. Help your business in your county Come on man

    1. The problem with that is that local business charge so darn much nobody can afford it! Brenham keeps hollaring about ‘support local’ etc but nobody that lives or works here can afford to buy here! All the dang ‘improvements’ that are made are to attract the city folks that ‘think’ they are getting good deals out here in the country. Brenham ain’t nothing like it used to be!!

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