An extra $1,000 in pay is on the way for Burton ISD teachers and staff.

After an executive session on Monday, the Burton School Board approved the 2023-24 staff payment plan.

Superintendent Dr. Edna Kennedy said the teacher pay scale is being adjusted to provide a $1,000 raise to all teachers.  All other district employees will get a $1,000 raise, as well.

The district also plans to give all employees a $1,000 bonus in December.

Dr. Kennedy said a lot of work and thought went into creating a staff payment plan, especially as the state decides what it wants to do to support school employees.  She thanked Burton ISD Business Manager Caitlyn Blakey-Staal for her work and diligence in preparing and re-preparing payment plan options that the district’s budget could support. 


  1. Why doesn’t the Brenham school board take the short trip to Burton and watch how a district should be ran????

    1. Not to defend the much flawed Brenham ISD and their overspending ways, but I seem to recall Burton ISD in the news alot in recent years due to controversy with it’s leadership and board! Just sayin!

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