Alexia Lopez would have celebrated her 9th birthday today but she never made it.

On March 11th 2008 she died after suffering traumatic injuries to her stomach at the day care center where she was being cared for in Brenham.  A few days after Alexia’s death, her caretaker, Berny Figueroa became the prime suspect and disappeared.

Sandra Lopez small

Sandra Lopez remembers her daughter Alexia, who would have been 9 years old today.

Alexia’s mother Sandra Lopez has been searching for her daughter’s alleged killer since then.  Ms. Lopez has returned to Brenham, hoping to renew old friendships and hoping to find closure in the death of her daughter.


Figueroa is originally from Honduras but Lopez knows she has connections to Brenham.

The Alexia Lopez murder case was covered in a September 2009 episode of America’s Most Wanted.
Sandra Lopez thanks Sheriff Otto Hanak and the Brenham Police Department for their help in the case.

Lopez wrote a poem for her late daughter, ‘If Roses Grow in Heaven pick a bunch for me,.,’

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