There are continued developments in the shooting death of a Burleson County Sheriff’s Investigator.

District Attorney Julie Renken said yesterday (Monday),  that the Texas Rangers  gathered information that  consistent that links the suspect, Henry Goedrich Magee, to the fatal shooting of Burleson County Sheriff’s Investigator  Adam Sowders.  She, along with the Burleson County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Monday saying the weapon collected at the scene was an AR semi-automatic rifle.  Renken says further there is no evidence the seven law enforcement officers, including Sowders, returned fire.

Magee’s defense, led by famed defense attorney Dick DeGuerrin, is countering the findings of the investigation.

DeGuerrin says the 28-year old suspect believed he was the victim of a home invasion and was only defending himself.

DeGuerrin told KBTX TV of Bryan that ‘every hour or so’ he has been learning new information and that ‘everything’ that he has learned helps Magee.

DeGuerrin says Magee was scared for his girlfriend who was five months pregnant .

Law enforcement officers recovered a semi-automatic assault rifle used to kill Sowders along with several others guns but DeGuerrin says the firearms were all legally owned.

The officers found a small amount of amount of marijuana at the mobile home near Snook, but DeGuerrin says it was a misdemeanor amount.

Henry Magee remains in the Washington County jail, where he is charged with capital murder,  under a million dollars bond.

Sowder’s remains were taken from the Memorial Oaks Chapel Monday afternoon in preparation for a Friday burial.  His visitation is Thursday from 6 to 9pm at the Central Baptist Church in College Station.  The funeral services are Friday at 1pm at Central Baptist.  He will be interred at the Oak Lawn Cemetery in  Somerville.

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