Brenham ISD officials say the district’s preliminary end-of-year test results are around the state average.

Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Director Sarah Cook presented the Brenham School Board on Monday with a look at STAAR scores for elementary, middle school and junior high students, as well as End of Course (EOC) test scores for high school students.

Cook said while many results have not been finalized, current data shows the district’s scores are mostly on par with the rest of the state.



The results as presented at Monday's meeting can be seen below:

Elementary Campuses

Grade Level Subject Approaches Meets Masters
Grade 3 Math 72% 35% 18%
Grade 3 Reading 69% 38% 19%
Grade 4 Math 71% 52% 32%
Grade 4 Reading 63% 31% 14%
Grade 4 Writing 56% 23% 5%

Brenham Middle School

Grade Level Subject Approaches Meets Masters
Grade 5 Math 80% 55% 35%
Grade 5 Reading 69% 40% 23%
Grade 5 Science 69% 38% 14%
Grade 6 Math 81% 51% 26%
Grade 6 Reading 65% 30% 15%

Brenham Junior High School

Grade Level Subject Approaches Meets Masters
Grade 7 Math 75% 47% 26%
Grade 7 Reading 73% 48% 27%
Grade 7 Writing 70% 42% 14%
Grade 8 Math 75% 45% 7%
Grade 8 Algebra I 100% 100% 94%
Grade 8 Reading 72% 42% 20%
Grade 8 Science 75% 46% 27%
Grade 8 Social Studies 59% 30% 16%

Brenham High School

Grade Level Subject Approaches Meets Masters
Grade 9-12 Algebra I 73% 46% 22%
Grade 9-12 Biology 80% 54% 22%
Grade 9-12 English I 55% 43% 11%
Grade 9-12 English II 66% 54%  7%
Grade 9-12 US History 88% 69% 39%

According to Cook, the "Approaches" rating means a student has shown some knowledge of the material but does not show an understanding of some of the most important parts.  The rating is still considered a passing grade, but it is likely that the student will need intervention in the next grade.

The "Meets" rating means a student has met the grade level standard and shows a good understanding of the material.  The student is considered ready for the next grade level.

The "Masters" rating means a student has very strong understanding of the subject material and is well prepared for success at the next grade level.

Trustee Susan Jenkins asked what the passing rate was for virtual students compared to in-person students.  Cook responded that the state did not force virtual students to come to campus to test, and that the district did have some remote learners who did not participate in testing.  Cook said the district will see participation counts when accountability data is released, which should be by the end of August or early September.

Superintendent Dr. Tylor Chaplin advised against digging too deep into this data and making any decisions based off of it, due to the circumstances faced by students and teachers in relation to COVID-19.

All STAAR scores will be final at the end of June; test scores that are now official, according to Cook, are math and reading for 5th and 8th grade.  EOC test scores were final as of June 14th.

Cook said the full data of test scores can be compared with other students in the state once all results are finalized.

Also at Monday's meeting, the board held a public hearing regarding title grant funds available to the district from the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  Special Programs and Advanced Academics Director Lori Ruiz-Wamble said the district is entitled to $987,198 in Title I funds for the 2021-22 school year.  These funds will be used at the elementary schools and Brenham Middle School to provide staff development, additional materials and increased salaries for STEAM teachers, instructional coaches, parent liaison and instructional aides.

The district is entitled to $166,484 in Title II funds for professional development, summer institutes and additional math and literacy materials at the junior high and high school.

For Title III, the district expects to receive $60,833 to use for supplemental instructional materials for bilingual classrooms, educational software that monitors the progress of English learners, and professional development.

The district's Title IV grant is for $74,000, which will be used to provide professional development for STEAM instruction, technology for librarians, social/emotional counseling, the purchase of social/emotional curriculum for counselors to implement, and supplemental STEAM and digital materials.

The board also approved the purchase of a Smart Data Dashboard Student Management System.  Head Athletic Trainer Jamie Woodall said the software will be a tool for teachers and counselors to use to compile data and monitor the social/emotional well-being of students.  Dr. Chaplin said the funding for this system, which will cost $60,000 annually, will come from the salaries of two social/emotional positions that were eliminated.

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