Washington Co. Health Authority Dr. William Loesch gives an update on the status of COVID-19 in the county in a video update from June 5th.

Washington County’s Health Authority is concerned about recent increases in COVID-19 cases around the state of Texas and what that means for the county.

On Tuesday, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) reported over 3,300 new confirmed cases, with some counties reporting their highest new-case totals since the winter.

Dr. William Loesch says while Washington County is not yet seeing an explosion of new cases, he acknowledges that local cases do appear to be on the rise.



Estimates from DSHS show the county had 75 active cases as of Tuesday.  Over a two-week period, the highest estimated totals seen recently were 79 active cases on July 17th, versus a two-week low of 59 active cases on July 11th.  As of Tuesday, the county had 3,563 total confirmed cases, 795 probable cases, 4,187 recoveries and 96 deaths.

Data shown by Washington County EMS Director Kevin Deramus on Tuesday shows the COVID-19 hospitalization rate for the region through May.

Dr. Loesch believes many of these new cases to be the result of the more-transmissible Delta variant, as the virus seems to be affecting younger people more than the previous variant.  He also said most of the cases are in people who are unvaccinated, but he has seen some breakthrough cases in vaccinated people, including a few patients who were hospitalized.

Data presented by Washington County EMS Director Kevin Deramus at Tuesday’s county commissioners meeting showed that, in May, the county’s COVID-19 hospitalization rate sat around 5 percent.  As of Monday, that number, which indicates the percentage of hospital capacity made up of COVID-19 patients, was 8.8 percent for Trauma Service Area N, the hospital region that includes Washington County.  That percentage is currently the highest out of any hospital region in the state; the next highest region is Trauma Service Area R—which includes Beaumont, Galveston and Texas City—with a rate of 7.84 percent.

According to DSHS, a total of 50 lab-confirmed COVID-19 patients were hospitalized in the region as of Tuesday.  Seventy-two hospital beds, one intensive care unit bed and 76 ventilators were available.

Dr. Loesch encourages unvaccinated residents to get vaccinated, saying there are now plenty of opportunities to do so.  He also wants to reassure anyone who may have concerns about the safety of the vaccine.



DSHS figures show Washington County has 15,372 residents who have been vaccinated with at least one dose, and 13,537 who are fully vaccinated.  Approximately 43.75 percent of the county’s population that is 12 and older is fully vaccinated, while 73.81 percent of residents 65 and older are fully vaccinated.

While Dr. Loesch does not believe there will be another shutdown, he recommends that residents take proper safety precautions, especially those who are at higher risk.

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  1. The government said that my profession did not warrant me or allow me it my wife to get the immunization early during the immunization process. The higher paid positions within my organization received immunizations in the first or second round given. I wasn’t offered the immunization then when I was really worried and was working around lots of people. Now, someone wants to dictate that I must have the shot. Heck, even when others around me got infected with the virus, I was not given an opportunity to be tested by my employer. Heck, you are welcome to stick that needle now where the sun doesn’t shine. And just keep your high and mighty attitude to yourself, it doesn’t mean squat to me.

  2. Delta is no more harmful or less harmful than anything else out there. Here’s some CDC gibberish for nighttime reading.

    Don’t mask for real(because the practiced neoliberalism has made us so incompetent we cant’ even make our own stuff or take care of our own with proper ventilation and masks that filter), but masking with cotton that may as well be mosquito netting and then you’re told you can even double them for added ineffectiveness. Hmm what else, oh yeah, no way this was produced in a lab. These things and many more have provided all the evidence I need to know without a doubt that our so called “experts” are laymen at best in their scientific field of choosing and I’m talking at the national and global level. Lets not forget that a traditional vaccine approval timeline by the FDA is set to tune of years, not months and you tell people to pump this stuff in our innocents.

    Combine this with essentially chain smoking, grease burger eating, obese diabetics, that use cell phones like they don’t cause a 50+% in brain cancer while parroting soundbites that tell me I’m a danger for exercising constitutional freedoms and you know what to do. We will continue to live our life as we have this entire time and enjoy ourselves. We will continue to go to school, work, and every other place we may whimsically choose with a smile on our happy faces.

  3. It is a fact that 99.5% of the people who died from Covid 19 in 2021 in Texas were unvaccinated. A very small percentage of .5% were vaccinated. I guess you ignored that research. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the vaccine works as well as advertised.

  4. It’s good that Dr. Loesch is staying vigilant and watching the numbers for Covid cases overall and here in Washington County. The fact seems to be that those who wanted a vaccine have already gotten it/them and those that don’t care to get the vaccine will never get it. That being said, for children who may be on the edge of the cutoff, maybe we need to save some vaccines for those prior to school resuming; for the rest of the vaccines, send them overseas to some third world country where the people would appreciate what can be done for them so that they are not sickened and hospitalized in some horrific surroundings. There is absolutely no one in the U.S. that should still be ‘waiting to see’ or ‘thinking about’ getting a vaccine – – either you’ve gotten it or you have not. If you did, fine; if not, you had your chance. If an unvaccinated family member sickens, take the person to the hospital and deal with whatever outcome happens. “Dr.” Abbott has prevented schools from having mandatory mask mandates and so that has been decided as well.

  5. I just lost an unvaccinated cousin in Alabama. This variant killed my cousin, who is 23 and healthy, in less than a week. I beg anyone that is not vaccinated to please take the shot, even just one. Until we hit 70% vaccinated, COVID will continue to mutate and kill. I don’t care who you vote for or what you believe, but if your are not vaccinated, COVID will come for you.

    1. I’m sorry about your cousin but the vaccine isn’t the answer. There’s treatments out there that work but doctors and hospitals have been discouraged from using them. Why? Follow the money. Look at who’s behind the vaccine and now who has stock in the testing companies and that’s who is keeping this fear around. Do your research on Bill Gates and also dr fauci. Again my condolences.

    2. The reality is covid is going to naturally mutate and kill folks regardless of the covid shot (it isn’t a vaccine).

      And countless illnesses come for you – and vaccinated have covid come for them too.

      I cannot take the shot, and I’m tired of this virtue signaling and shaming done over it.

      Common sense, taking good care of yourself is better at reducing the risk than gambling on a shot that a. Has had one vaccine RECALLED for the deadly side effects, b. Killed 5,000 of not more itself, c. Has been known to give folks covid, d. Has enough side effects the risks outweigh benefits.

      And the mask wearing has forced me to get a stronger asthma medicine because I was FORCED to wear it in stores regardless of state exemption.

      Been out in it since day one: never had a case.

      Let’s show others we passed first grade health and instead of virtue signaling, take good care of ourselves.

  6. Luckily local health authorities are today not able to govern, only advise. Governor Abbott yesterday said that no public school in Texas is to issue another mandatory mask mandate on students, and it will be left up to parents. There is also no state edict requiring children receive a COVID vaccine before being allowed into public schools. These are facts that cannot be overruled by a local health authority. In September a new law also goes into effect to require local county or city government officials to constantly renew and review any local health policy so that we have local accountability to public health decisions. The governor has also gone on record saying he will not issue any future “lockdown” that picks winners and losers, essential versus non-essential businesses.

    1. If I understand you correctly, you think it is fine for our local health authority to Not be able to make a decision to protect the citizens of Washington Co. That is absolutely Crazy thinking. I can guarantee you that our Governor does not give a flip if our school or town becomes totally infected with COVID. If this pandemic starts over again, I certainly hope that our elected officials and our health authority will do everything to prevent its spread, with or without Gov. Abbott’s permission !! This last week alone, 23,000 children between the ages of 10 and 20, have come down with Covid. Many are seriously ill, on respirators, and a five year old died. If masks are necessary, then so be it !!!!

  7. Why are people with the vaccine getting sick? If this were a true vaccine it would protect you completely from the virus. Why is the government pushing this vaccine so much when it’s experimental & there’s a 99% chance of survival? Follow the money & you’ll know. More people need to do their research before getting the so called vaccine.

    1. To answer your question from a semi-medical perspective, there was no sterilization component that was incorporated into any of the covid-19 vaccines developed to kill any virus that’s already in your body. The sterilization component adds yet another dimension to the efficacy and interactions that its formula may cause with the main dosage’s formulation. For vaccines that are developed over a longer time frame, once the major issues are resolved (whether or not an antibody reaction is triggered), the sterilization component can be added (if that’s possible). Not all vaccines carry a sterilization component for the virus or disease they are designed to protect you from. Certainly, anyone who has had the vaccine can still contract covid; the issue is that their body will have produced and will continue to produce antibodies to fight off the virus and prevent serious infection. That’s also why some places are still requiring masks for vaccinated persons, so that they do not carry the virus and pass it on to others while being asymptomatic themselves.

      If any local medical authority would like to chime in on this response, I would welcome it, both for the sake of the original poster’s knowledge as well as my own.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Wouldn’t ones own immune system provide the best chance for this virus? Also what about the treatments that are out there that are working but not being used? It seems to me the vaccine is being pushed for financial reasons. Now we’re hearing you may need a booster shot? Where does it end?

    2. No vaccine is 100%. I’ve seen children vaccinated for chickenpox actually get the virus later on. Not sure where you learned about vaccines being 100% from but none ever are. They are, however, our best chance to eradicate a communicable virus. Do some research on the small pox vaccine and the disease and how it was essentially wiped out. And please don’t be fantasized into thinking that you would have a 99% chance to live a perfectly healthy, normal life after getting Covid if you are one of those “lucky” 99%. I know someone right now that is on a ventilator due to Covid who didn’t get vaccinated. I am related to 2 people that died from Covid who didn’t have the opportunity to receive the vaccine prior to contracting it. I also know that many survivors have severe and life-long detrimental health effects from their bout with Covid. The 99% are not 100% cured and then just perfectly fine. And if you would find yourself in the 1%, wouldn’t you have regrets that you didn’t do the one small thing such as getting a couple of shots that could have prevented you from significant illness, life-long effects of it, or even worse, death? I am a healthcare professional who knows the value of this vaccine and I really wish that people wouldn’t think that by being unvaccinated that they will be able to ignore Covid and go about living a normal life. I do pray that most people are still listening to experts, community leaders, and being cautious. Believe me, I am so over wearing a mask too but still have to wear one while at work daily. But I also am vaccinated so I have at least that on my side to be more protected from Covid exposure than you. I don’t want to hear about government conspiracies, big pharma, and all of the other BS surrounding Covid. Be smart and take the free vaccine that has been offered to you. And I do hope that you don’t end up getting the virus, having a severe case or life-long issues from it, or even worse, being part of that 1%.

      1. There’s also plenty of health care professionals who disagree with you. I am one of them. You say that you don’t want to hear all of the “conspiracies” surrounding covid but they all seem to be coming true. I have PERSONALLY seen patients whose immune systems have been completely destroyed after taking that shot and I DO NOT recommend it for anyone. Bel’s Palsy, strokes and heart inflammation are the biggest side effects we have seen so far. Those suffering heart inflammation will have heart issues for the rest of their lives. Your immune system is stronger than the experimental jab. If the vaccine works so well then why are areas with the highest rates of vaccination having the most outbreaks? You’re all so afraid of covid yet it’s in the vaccine. You still wear a mask after being vaccinated. What is the point? This is mad science and you’re all being experimented on. The spike proteins in the vaccine are toxic to all of your organs.


        P.S. Animal trials were stopped because it kept killing them all. Yet it was still approved for emergency use. What does that tell you? This is not about your health and I would be skeptical about anything the government gives you for free…especially an injection.

        1. Stop spreading this anti vaccine bull. It took 30 seconds to see how full of it Dr. Byram Bidle is.

          You’re holding the whole country back with this choice to believe this nonsense from places like circle of mamas.

          Imagine the sadness of dying from COVID because Karen on Facebook told you the vaccine would make you stick to the fridge.

        2. Please quit making false claims. A simple search online will show that this is all nonsense. The public needs to do more research and not believe everything they read. Just because someone has a doctor title in front of their name does that mean they have all the facts or the truth. Do your own research. Please read and listen to more than one news source so you are well informed.

          1. That is great advice. I would recommend that you practice what you preach.
            Just because someone is a Doctor, does not make them right on all things, or right all the time.
            Research for yourself.
            Just because the CDC says something, or Dr. Fauchi, does not mean that it is the end all, be all truth.
            It is their opinion, guided by experience or other influences.
            Make your own mind up for yourself, like you always should.

        3. “Dr. Bidle”,
          If you are going to impersonate a quack Canadian physician, at least spell “your” name correctly. It’s Dr. Byram Bridle not Bidle. Thanks for the laugh whackadoo…

        4. Thank you doctor for this information. I have been reading the same information and this vaccine is scary.

      2. Most people will be just fine. These new vaccines have not been around long enough to know of the long term effects on the human body. It usually takes 10 years of development and testing before any vaccine is brought to market. This is brand new and rushed out. To assume that all people will follow along with this, right away, is insulting to those of us who have been around and have a balanced education. I encourage vaccines. I have had my shots as a boy, and all my children have theirs, or are still in the process of getting the required ones( depending on age). These are the proven vaccines that have been around for decades. I have no problem getting a Covid-19 shot, in about 10 years or so, after we can see what happens to those who got it. How many commercials have you seen that are a Law Firm asking if you have taken this medication, and had bad results, and would like to sue? They are on all the time, for meds that we all thought were fine. Prilosec, Darvocet, etc. The scary thing is if these new, rushed to market vaccines DO have long term side effects, you can’t sue them if you wanted to. Doesn’t that bother you a little? It bothers me a lot. I will wait, thanks.

        1. There is a world of difference in vaccines to prevent acquiring a viral infection and chemical compounds such as are the basic ingredients in Prilosec, Darvocet, etc. They is a 180 degree difference in what is contain, and how they work,.

        2. I also have a “balanced” education, but I got my vaccination. What makes you an expert? The graveyards are filling up with those who are waiting.

    3. It is a fact that 99.5% of the people who died from Covid 19 in 2021 in Texas were unvaccinated. A very small percentage of .5% were vaccinated. I guess you ignored that research. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the vaccine works as well as advertised.

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