Grant Fershtman
(Washington Co. Jail)

A Cypress man faces charges after his arrest, Sunday in Brenham.

Just before 6:00 p.m., Sunday, officers were dispatched to a call regarding a subject traveling east bound on U.S. Highway 290 displaying a handgun inside his vehicle.

The vehicle was stopped in the 900 block of U.S. Hwy 290 West.

Numerous witnesses reported seeing the driver, 23-year-old Grant Morris Fershtman of Cypress, holding a handgun pointing it towards the windshield.

A passenger in the same vehicle told officers that Fershtman was reportedly listening to music and waving the gun around.

Fershtman was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana and Unlawful Carrying a Weapon.



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  1. Read the entire new law . It requires that the handgun be carried openly or concealed in a holster, NOT in one’s hand and being waived wildly about.

    1. Did you read the last part of the article? “Fershtman was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana and Unlawful Carrying a Weapon.” If you carry a gun in your car in Texas, you had better not be committing any other crimes, like having illegal drugs in your possession.

    2. Yes, Texas is now a Constitutional Carry state in which one is allowed to LAWFULLY and RESPONSIBLY open carry a weapon. Brandishing, or waving your weapon around in a threatening manner is NOT within the confines of the law, nor is it in any way considered to be responsible, safe handling of a firearm. Likewise, I am permitted by Texas law to operate a motor vehicle, but not in a manner that may cause harm to another person, or cause damage to another’s property. Should this really need to be explained?

    3. Could be a number of reasons, handguns are legal but there are still rules you must follow. You are not allowed to be reckless and you have to have it in a holster or concealed just to name a few.

  2. This new generation thinks the gun makes the man . The days of a man having a problem with someone and just a simple fist fight are now a thing of the past . Because This generation are a bunch of cowards !

    1. Well, why should I suffer a punch from a criminal or my kids be put in danger? I rather have a gun to dispatch the threat quickly. How about teaching people to leave people alone and do not threaten or harm them as they might not want to get hurt to make you feel like they are not cowards

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