Fire hydrants in the City of Brenham will be getting a fresh look.

Beginning Monday 500 of Brenham’s fire hydrants will be part of a fire hydrant restoration project.  The City’s Water Construction Department, in partnership with DMD Consultants, will begin sand blasting, prime coating and painting the hydrants to National Fire Protection Association standards.

Brenham residents and businesses are being asked to keep cars parked aware from all fire hydrants during this work period.  All decorations should be moved at least 10 feet from fire hydrants.  And any vegetation growing near hydrants should be trimmed at least 5 feet in all directions.  The work will be done between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. each day and should take approximately six weeks to complete.

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  1. Really? Who cares? Money spent elsewhere?
    Anyone seen the money the city waisted on Salem road??? Why was a new street built alone the edge of a pond, and nothing was done about the run off??? The new street is always flooded???
    Wasting money must the the city’s way!!??

    1. They are doing this to be up to standards with NFPA and OSHA. It is a recommendation that each color gives the firefighters information just by looking at it.
      As for Salem Road-not sure why it was done, but I did not realize the City of Brenham did the road, but I am sure it helps with the fire trucks pulling in and out.

    2. Amen to the Salam Rd. I wonder if the engineer that designed that would like to drive through water as many days a year as I do?

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