James Kreamer
(courtesy TxDOT)

The TxDOT – Bryan District has named a new Brenham Area Engineer.

James Kreamer started his new role this month overseeing state highway construction and operations in Burleson, Milam and Washington counties.

Kreamer said he looks forward to supporting his staff as they tackle various projects around the region.



Kreamer has been Brenham’s Assistant Area Engineer since September 2018.  He began working for TxDOT in 2007 as a summer hire in the Dallas District, after graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in civil engineering.

Highway projects include the ongoing FM 60 widening in Burleson County, planning for upgrades at the Highway 290 – Highway 36 cloverleaf in Washington County, seal coating operations and safety projects including cable barrier installations and intersection improvements.

Kreamer served as an engineering assistant in the TxDOT – Bryan District’s rotation program, working in the Hearne Area Office, Bryan District Lab, Central Design, Planning and District Maintenance.

Kreamer fills the role previously held by Eric Bennett, who served from March 2020 to April 2021 before moving to a different position within TxDOT.

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  1. Can we please get more school zone signage on Blue Bell Rd? There are 4 schools in that stretch and not enough signs. People speed like crazy through there and do not care.

  2. I made some suggestions a few years ago (not here in public, but directly) and received a nice response and within a few months all the items were handled.
    Hoping to see more of the same from this engineer.
    Wow. Government agencies can work.

  3. All are north side anyway signals in brenham are on a full cycle, one side then one turn lane at a time, none of the smart features work, turn lights activate with no one in them. been this way over a year plus. At times of no traffic i have watched a person who was behind me go into the left turn lane which was the only green turn left then right across the road go into a convenient store buy something get in her car & pull onto road in front of me on the other side of intersection all the while no other cars approached the same intersection at 5am. 36 buissness & high school has been full cycle since the overlay txdot did a couple yrs ago no one around & you get stopped before that off times it was blinking red high school entrance side & blinking yellow 36 side during the night. Looking forward to new guy getting us help all calls to txdot up until now have gone nowhere.

  4. I hope Mr. Kreamer is more diligent and responsive to the publics needs and concerns than the Bryan District office has been! It’s been months since I addressed the district office about placing loop detectors and have the signals more efficiently syncronized at the intersection of US290 & SH36. Cycles so slow. Waste fuel and peoples time.

    1. Maybe their expertise didn’t warrant taking action on your demand. I’m sure you are more of an expert than they are well as every quarterback on TV Sundays but it doesn’t always work that way.

      1. Maybe they were sympathetic to Mr. Howell but didn’t have enough resources or maybe they were stifled by some other bureaucratic rule beyond their control. Maybe they could have communicated a response to a constituent and dropped the ball. Could be lots of things. Maybe more than one thing. Nothing wrong with expecting good customer service from government.

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