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The Texas Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a developer planning to build a high-speed railway between Houston and Dallas.

On Friday, the court voted 5-3 that Texas Central and Integrated Texas Logistics, Inc. do have eminent domain authority as interurban electric railway companies, meaning they have the power to seize land to build the $30 billion project.

In a statement, Texas Central said it appreciates the court’s time and consideration of the issue as it continues work on the high-speed rail.

The project itself faces uncertainty after Texas Central president and CEO Carlos Aguilar announced his departure earlier this month.  There are also questions about the company’s ability to fund the project, after court documents revealed it owes over $622,000 in delinquent property taxes to 10 counties, including Grimes and Waller counties.

Texans Against High Speed Rail called the decision “incomprehensible” and said it will continue to fight.

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  1. These are not the actions of a free country. In China, your land is not yours, if the state needs it or a private company (which must be endorsed by the pink party) you are out. The Chinese will dedicate an entire town of slave labor for the welfare of a sellout American company and its profits. Not much difference anymore in the US and China, supporters of this are nothing more than your pinko party members dressed up in the stars and stripes for show.

    Think this is some euro train with economy pricing for a seat? This train is for the people that believe in taking your land, selling you and your family for their gain while using your tax dollars to prop up their Wall Street dividends. This is tyranny. Look up the ruling on the case, look at the pro imminent domain lawyers in Austin and the judges that were in favor, understand their history and ties. Note that three of the judges dissented and emphasize that Texas has abandoned protections for property rights.

  2. I posted a response to one of these stories last year when the rail company was making the news at some point, and I will repost what I said then. 1) Have there ever been any firm ticket prices given for the trip from Houston to Dallas or from Richards to Dallas and back? I read comments about how this will ‘save on gas’ and ‘how it will be fun just to get out and take the trip’, but if it’s going to cost $80 or $90 one way per person, you certainly have more disposable income than I. 2) Has any mention ever been made of charges for parking at the station which is to be built near Richards? If there’s a limited amount of space, I would certainly believe that the company is going to recoup their investments in the land by charging for parking. If that’s a $10, $15 or $20 fee for a day, then add that to your bill. 3) In terms of taking a ‘rail trip’, if persons are going to use this as a “go to Dallas and then ride back home” excursion, then you’ll have no need for transportation once you get to Dallas. However, if this is going to be used for some other reason, what do people intend to do when they get to Dallas, and have you factored the cost in for that transportation? 4) Most persons who drive forget that they can come and go at their own schedule. When you use rail as your transportation, you are entirely on the railroad’s schedule; I’m guessing there’s not going to be 8 or 10 trips per day made between Houston and Dallas, so you might as well learn to plan your schedule around whatever they decide to do (and take into account any unforeseen delays or stoppages). 5) Lastly, this entire endeavor is for-profit; does anyone really believe that a foreign company that will use whatever legal means necessary to get land through emminate domain is going to run this railroad at a break-even margin? If the costs get too high for people to afford using this, and the company says they’re no longer making money, and they walk away, then what? I’m sure there’s going to be some huge tax breaks given to this company as well…

    1. Just an update for the above post. The Cato institute shared with me that Amtrak’s only High-Speed rail operating in the United States charges $0.90 per mile per person. This takes into account that Amtrak is government subsidized. If this company is going to be subsidized in the same way, then figure at least $1 per mile per person; if it is not to be subsidized, I was told it could between $1.40 and $2 per mile per person. For that Saturday afternoon excursion from Richards to Dallas, a family of four should be ready to spend at least $1,500.

      1. Currently the Amtrak
        Texas Eagle goes from Taylor (approx. 85 mi.
        from Brenham) to
        Ft.Worth for $14 one
        Not sure how long it takes.

    2. I agree with everything you said – and even with those prices it won’t be profitable without federal subsidies. So even those who don’t intend to use it will end up paying for it. This is going to be a huge mistake if they get their way and build this.

  3. Looking forward to this. A quick weekend trip to Dallas without paying a fortune for Gas. Yes….

    1. Ok…first, where do you get on this train? Then, where do you get off it in Dallas? So how do you get from wherever you live to the station and how long does that take? Same thing when you get there? I’m a stupid country hick so I’m sure this is a dumb question.

  4. Awesome news! It is about time! We cannot wait to ride! This will make travel to Dallas so convenient for families as well as business travel.

  5. This is amazing and will be so beneficial. Houston and Dallas are growing day by day.

    1. Really??? You think giving that sort of power to foreign interests is good? So you think it doesn’t matter that hard working people can have their land taken away. This project will never benefit anyone except those in positions to get their pockets lined.

      1. YES I DO!!! They take land away when they widen the interstates and freeways. In the business world this is great. People are off selling their land they inherited due to not being able to pay for property taxes. Its 2022 lets get with it.

    2. One thing I remember from old school math is the closest distance between two points is a straight line. I 45 is pretty close to a straight line. We don’t need a high speed rail cutting out west of Houston and wondering around so more land can be seized. If you need a rail run it up 45.

      1. That sounds like an idea.
        I just think that us Americans are more Car/Truck/SUV people that trains are not our “cup of tea” , so to speak.
        I, love the idea of a train system to go all over. If you have never been on a train trip, then you should go.
        You get to see places and faces that you miss on a regular road trip.
        There used to be a Amtrack from Houston to Florida, but a Hurricane years back, I forget which, knocked out some of the tracks, and it is no more.
        Riding on a train is a nice experience, but most people are not for it.
        It is also expensive, and generally money pit. Just look at Amtrack, they are subsidized by us tax payers, and lose money every year.
        I like trains, but not enough of us need them, or do love them.
        Either way, if it opens up, the family and I will take it at some point.

    3. Unfortunately, this is part of the problem with allowing non citizens entities, or non -citizens, to purchase any land in the United States of America.
      Other countries have limited these type of purchases, but we have not.
      This should be on the agenda of the Supreme Court.
      Nor should what a woman should do with her lady parts.

      1. It is too late J.D. as American businesses and Americans own land, property and politicians in foreign nations and the Chinese, Russians and Arabs along with Israel and other nations in the Middle East practically own America. I guess quid pro quo is a financial requirement for a GLOBAL WORLD order! Eminent Domain did not just start and the city of Brenham & Washington County is not immune to its reach. Prayerfully soon we all will hear, All aboard!!! Never will so many owe so much to so few!

      2. Real question – Why has every pro-choice person I’ve heard on TV only talk about the rights of the mother, but completely ignore the killing of the life inside her? I’m no rabid pro-lifer. I agree that there should be some access early in the pregnancy. If those interviewed would discuss it like adults and say it’s a hard decision that needs to be approached with a quiet sadness because of the terrible thing that is being done, I think they would get further. Instead, they say it’s a simple issue of government taking away the rights of women. They act like there’s no difference in a partial birth abortion and taking a birth control pill.

        1. Well womens health issues are deeper than abortions! Are you going stop DNC or if a women has a ectopic pregnancy are bleeding issue sounds personal doesn’t it! Is that your businesses! And all the social programs helping mothers and children you are against!

  6. This is wrong and should not have passed in the Texas supreme court. These people have owned these properties for centuries and should not have to sale to a company that has not even been established. Very disappointed in the Texas Supreme court

  7. Wow, a company in a FOREIGN country is allowed to use eminent domain to take Texas farms and ranches? This is messed up seriously.

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