(courtesy Brenham Heritage Museum)

Brenhamites have waited a long time for their history museum to reopen, and as that date approaches, the museum is looking to restart their volunteer program.

People are needed to help staff the renovated historic post office building once public visits start up again.

As many as fifteen volunteer positions will be available.

The museum hopes to get the new volunteer positions filled over the next month.  Training sessions will be held beginning in early September with the anticipated grand re-opening later in the month.

(courtesy Brenham Heritage Museum)

Participants in the program will learn the ins and outs of the museum, procedures for operation, and the museum’s point of sale system.  They will also become familiar with the history contained in the new exhibits.

Brenham Heritage Museum Executive Director Mike Vance said that they would like to find "a nice mix of longtime Washington County residents, and some of the more recent arrivals."

Vance added that the big thing is that they want to find people who value history in general and are universally friendly and welcoming.

With staff support, the volunteers will be scheduled for three-hour shifts, choosing between morning and afternoon times.  Some volunteers may want to do more than one shift per week, but that is not required.

For more information about the volunteer program, send an e-mail to

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