The Brenham City Council agreed Thursday to bolster the law enforcement presence at Brenham ISD schools with an additional School Resource Officer (SRO).

Brenham Police Chief Ron Parker discusses with the city council on Thursday a proposal to add a fifth school resource officer to staff at Brenham ISD schools.

The council approved expanding the city’s interlocal agreement with the school district for a fifth SRO to rotate around campuses.  Brenham Police Chief Ron Parker said the city was approached earlier this year by the district about the possibility of adding two new SROs, but could not fully meet that request due to staffing limitations.

The SRO staff will include Supervisor Sgt. Joseph Merkley, Cpl. Jason Kasprowicz, Cpl. Richelle Malinowski, Cpl. Edward Ortega and Cpl. Sierra Randle, who is transferring to the position from her current assignment and has previous SRO experience.

Parker said law enforcement on campuses will not be limited to SROs, as off-duty officers can receive additional pay to provide extra protection at schools or school events.



Parker also said the district may be looking to have its own police force in the long-term future.



KWHI asked Brenham ISD Superintendent Dr. Tylor Chaplin for clarification on Parker’s comments.  Dr. Chaplin said, “It is an option lots of districts are looking at.  We are not at this time.”

Through the interlocal agreement, Brenham ISD fully reimburses the city for the officers’ salary and benefits and provides them with office space, computers and other equipment needed to perform their duties on campus.  Meanwhile, the city provides uniforms, required training and certifications.

Parker said the department recently participated in active shooter and pressure training with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Blinn Police Department.  He said if an incident were to occur, “we’re all going to be responding.”

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