The Brenham School Board will take a look at some preliminary budget projections during a special noon meeting Monday at the School District Administrative Offices.

BISD Business Director Kim Horne says they have no numbers but the board does need to look at some possible expenses for the 2014-2015 school year.

The board will also hear a proposal from the Flippen Group for the Capturing Kids Hearts and Brenham Game Changers. 

The Board heard an extensive presentation on the Game Changers Program at their September meeting.  Dr. Heather Thielemann told the Board at that time that Game Changers is a ‘motivation and call to action’ for students, that teaches young people to transform themselves into successful people by accepting core values.

She told them that often schools and other institutions treat the symptoms of drug abuse, bullying and discipline, without getting to the core of the problem.  She said young people need to be taught some core values, that include respect, courtesy and integrity in order to make young people successful.

The Brenham School Board will meet Monday at noon at the school district administrative offices.

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