Dr. Dennis Crowson

The Blinn Board of Trustees canvassed precinct election results for the May 4th board election at a short meeting Wednesday.

Jim Kolkhorst

The board issued certificates of election for the board seats representing At-Large Positions 1, 2, and 3.

Dennis Crowson was elected to At-Large Position 3, defeating challenger H.F. Poehlmann with 1,295 votes to 580.

Charles Moser

Jim Kolkhorst was elected to At-Large Position 2, receiving 1,686 unopposed votes.  Board Chair Charles Moser was re-elected with no challenger to At-Large Position 1, receiving 1,619 votes.

According to Washington County, there were a total of 22,854 registered voters for the May 4th Blinn election.  There were 1,910 ballots cast for the Blinn election, about an 8 percent turnout.

All three trustees will be sworn in at Blinn’s board meeting on Tuesday, May 21st.  Each elected position on the board serves a six-year term.

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