Brenham and Burton ISDs have received passing grades from the Texas Education Agency.

Today (Wednesday), the TEA labeled every school district in the state from an A-F rating.  Brenham ISD received a 79.2 percent score, or a “C” score, and Burton ISD received an 84, or a “B”.  These annual ratings are based on how the school performed during the past school year.  The ratings look at overall student achievement and progress, as well as college readiness and performance of various racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

Superintendent Dr. Walter Jackson condemned the scores given out by the state, saying these letter grades are a “narrow and bureaucratic-serving perspective of our students’ progress.”



Brenham and Burton ISD have been vocal in their opposition to the new grading system in the past.  The Brenham school district released a statement in 2017 which said it “vehemently opposed” the new letter grade designations, saying they did little to help school districts improve.  Burton ISD also spoke on the matter in 2017, calling it “frightening” that the district was rated without including every important facet of a district in the grading criteria.



Dr. Walter Jackson noted that each school in the Brenham school district met the standard of the TEA.

Burton Superintendent Dr. Edna Kennedy commended the community for its hard work and dedication to the school’s programs.  She said the district “continues to make strides in academic progress”, and that they are dedicated to “providing an academically appropriate education for all students.”

In other regional school ratings: Bellville ISD received a “B” rating, Sealy ISD got a “C”, Caldwell ISD received a “B”, Somerville ISD obtained a “D”, Round-Top Carmine ISD received a “B”, Giddings ISD got a “B”, Hempstead ISD got a “C”, Iola ISD received an “A”, Waller ISD received an “A”, Anderson-Shiro CISD obtained a “B”, Navasota ISD got a “D”, and Snook ISD obtained a “C”.

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