Three Bryan firefighters who battled a deadly blaze at the Bryan Knights of Columbus Hall in February of 2013,  were awarded the 2013 Firehouse Magazine Heroism Award.

Lt. Greg Pickard,  who died in the fire, was honored along with the severely injured firefighters,  Rickey Mantey and Mitch Moran,  for exhibiting heroic acts in the line of duty.

The award reads “When the rescue situation developed, the members of Engine Five knew the personal risk they were taking in entering the structure, but none of them were willing to leave one of their own behind.”

The award goes on to read “Each of the men exhibited extreme heroism through their selfless actions during the rescue effort.”

The three firefighters were part of a rescue team that went into the banquet hall of the Knights of Columbus looking for Lt. Eric Wallace, who had radioed for help.

Wallace and Pickard died from injuries sustained in the fire, Mantey and Moran were seriously burned and spent months at Galveston’s Blocker Burn Unit.  Moran has since returned to duty.


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