An indictment for sexual assault of a child and the continuous sexual assault of a child led the charges in this week’s session of the 21st district court grand jury.

Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg said he could not say much about the two indictments against 47-year old Gregory Offing of Brenham.  Berg said the district attorney’s office charged Offing for the sexual assault offense for an incident on April 10th 2010.  He said it became apparent that Offing was allegedly continuing the assaults on the same child on a regular basis.


Thursday’s session of the grand jury was another busy with 25 indictments being handed down.

Twenty-five year old Timothy Anthony Willrich II of San Antonio was indicted for two cases of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Berg noted there were several drug possession and delivery cases  in this week’s session.  He said this was simply a case of lab work coming back to give the district attorney’s office evidence.  The grand jury had ten indictments for possession and delivery of controlled substances.

There were also several cases of driving while intoxicated with child passengers.

Forty-six year old Brian Alden Barnes of Brenham was indicted for DWI with a child passenger after his arrest on December 29th.  Thirty-five year old Melissa Gore was indicted for driving while intoxicated with two passengers after an arrest on December 19th 2013.

Berg said 46-year old Audie Murphy Cooper of Bryan was indicted for a scam on an elderly person.  He said Cooper was allegedly going around to elderly people offering to clean up their septic systems, accepted the money and never came back to do the work.  Cooper was indicted for theft and exploitation of the elderly.

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