The Washington County Commissioners Court recognized five county employees at a brief meeting this (Tuesday) morning.

The recognized employees are celebrating five years of service to the county. Recognized employees include:

  • Eddie Ocanas- Sheriff’s Office Patrol Lieutenant
  • Amanda Horak- Victims Assistant Coordinator at District Attorney’s Office
  • Cathy Fritz- Office Administrator for Precinct Three Justice of the Peace Ken Tofel
  • Everard Perry- EMS
  • Justin Brending- Washington County Road and Bridge

Commissioners also approved the purchase of a water heater replacement at the Washington County Jail. The item was approved after being tabled last week.

(From left to right:) Eddie Ocanas, Amanda Horak, Judge John Durrenberger, Everard Perry, Justin Brending; Not pictured: Cathy Fritz
Eddie Ocanas- Sheriff's Office Patrol Lieutenant (right)
Everard Perry- EMS (right)
Amanda Horak- Victims Assistance Coordinator at District Attorney's Office (Right)
Justin Brending- Washington County Road and Bridge (right)
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  1. Its a shame that so many people look at something, that they don’l like and complain.
    Today, they are complaining about somebody not wearing mask, yet they don’t have
    any facts to necessitate wearing a mask. Facts! Brenham and Washington County have
    a total population of about 30,000. Total listed Covid-19 deaths is 31. The death ratio
    amounts to .001%, that is one tenth of one percent. Everybody that is forced to wearing
    masks, seems like a fad to me. Continually breathing over and over again the hot air
    you breathe out, might make you sicker than covid-19 ever will. I am not a Doctor,
    just stated my opinion.

  2. And Durrenberger encourages face masks plus social distancing? Really…At least 3 Coms present are indeed protecting us from their junk. Thanks! And Durrenberger’s 6’ is less than 1’ and your mask is totally absent. You know something we do not?
    Geez, when do you ever learn: It is all about protectIng US people next to you? It is NOT about YOU being protected.

    1. I love people who do nothing but look for something to complain about. They ALL clearly have masks, and, oh heavens, they took the mask off for a brief photo. can’t you see how ridiculous those service award pictures would have looked with the principals six feet apart and wearing masks. Great memory for their years of service – not.

    2. You can clearly see their mask in their hands, Its obvious they took them off ( Briefly) to take a photo. way to overreact…

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