The Rev. Randy Wells of Faith Mission says Thanksgiving means so much more than a big, sumptuous meal with family and friends before either Christmas shopping or several rounds of football.  He reminds people first, that  tomorrow (Thursday) is indeed a day for giving thanks for all the good things we have, it is also a time for the entire community to come together for friendship, fellowship and even games.  That he says is what Faith Mission will continue  tomorrow (Thursday) with their annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Cannery Kitchen.

Wells  says that anyone in the community who wants or needs a meal, can come in for  fellowship and food, and a really fun time.  He says many others are coming in to help.

Wells says if anyone needs a Thanksgiving meal to call Faith Mission at 830 1488.

He hopes everyone can come out to the Cannery Kitchen for music, face painting and even a recollection of the meaning of Thanksgiving. 


          The meal will be served to all comers at 314 East Alamo from 11am to 1pm.

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