At their noon meeting today (Monday), the Brenham Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved an amendment to the city’s Code of Ordinances that would allow Car Washes as a specific use in the B-1 or Local Business Residential Mixed-Use Zoning District. The amendment now goes to City Council at their August 19th meeting for their approval.

This all came about at the beginning of June because the new owners of the property at 1413 West Main Street were interested in building an automatic car wash on the site.  City staff advised them that a car wash was not an approved for the B1 zoning, only a car detailing shop was approved.  The option of adding a car wash as a specific use was discussed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and by City Council.  City staff was directed to prepare the amendment text to add car wash to the list of specific use permits of the B-1 District.  If passed by the City Council next week, the owners would still need to apply for a special use permit to build a car wash at 1413 West Main Street.  At that time, city staff can add screening and buffer setbacks, as well as height limits.  Prior to the item going to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for their approval, property owners within 200 feet will be notified for their feedback.

In other action, the commission approved the Final Plat for 6 acres at 611 and 613 East Blue Bell Road.  The property did not have a recorded plat, and one is needed for future development.



  1. If this car wash is Built I for One will be happy. I live near and would love to go there to wash my car on Saturdays instead of driving across town to do it. Can;t wait..

  2. City planner doesn’t make the decision. The process works like this. PROPERTY OWNER requests a change to the ordinance. They present this to the planner who in turn presents it to planning and zoning and the council or maybe just council to see if COUNCIL is interested in the policy change. If the council says they are the planner will prepare an ordinance at the council’s direction. The planner/city will typically recommend approval for something they were directed to do by the elected officials. I mean why would they not? What are your feelings on property rights? Do you not support individuals rights to request changes to be able to do things with their property. It’s a request and not even guaranteed to happen. In this case it sounds like it will. Sounds like you don’t like the message the planner might have given you so you are making this about them when it is about the PROPERTY OWNER and ultimately the COUNCIL.

  3. They all approved the carwash in the b-1 district because they don’t care about the tax paying citizens that live or have family in the b-1 residential district. It is obvious that quality city planning is in a rapid decline allowing a car wash with residential. Not only here. Go look at the vape store build board sign that was approved on Day Street. The city approved this gigantic sign that blocks the oncoming cars at this intersection. The rapid decline of our quality of life in our neighborhoods continues as more and more bad decisions are made by city planners.

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