Bill Rigsby (front, center) with residents of Germany, Poland and Ukraine. Rigsby has been providing aid to citizens of Ukraine by buying and delivering supplies to them.
(courtesy photo)

Faith Mission and the Washington County Ministerial Association are working together to provide assistance to the people of Ukraine.

Faith Mission CEO J.D. Young said the organization has received requests from several people interested in contributing to the Ukraine relief effort.  Recently, they learned that a Brenham resident, Bill Rigsby, has traveled to Ukraine to personally provide assistance by buying supplies and driving them across the border.



Donations through Faith Mission’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors Humanitarian Relief Fund will support Rigsby and his nonprofit, KnowableTruth, in his efforts.  Donations can be made at Bank of Brenham, Brenham National Bank or Citizens State Bank.

Rigsby also shares stories and photos of current events in Ukraine through blog posts.  The blog is available at, and can also be accessed through Faith Mission’s website,

Washington County Ministerial Association President Calvin Kossie said this is a great opportunity to help in the relief effort and “encourage a local man willing to make this extraordinary commitment.”

During Rigsby’s time in Ukraine, he has developed relationships with many individuals and church groups, including Lika Roman, former Miss Ukraine and a charity worker.  They have arranged for her to come to Brenham in late May to share their story of Ukraine.  The free event is currently planned for the evening of May 26th at The Barnhill Center.



  1. I will never shop at this place again nor will I donate anything ever again. This was supposed to help our community not another corrupted country. Our US Government has given them 54 Billion tax payer dollars in the last 2 months. Why would I want to send them even more directly out of my wallet? Our own senators voted yes to send our hard earned tax dollars help them and not us. Our country is being invaded at the southern border and our food supply is Dwindling down, not to mention the baby formula crisis!!! How about you take up donations to take care of your own first?

    1. I disagree with M. Sickntired! I realize that the USA has aided Ukraine with billions of dollars in assistance since the war began in February, 4 months ago. I feel that the aid that has been given is the right thing to do under the circumstances. I have donated locally recently and was happy to hear that my donations would be sent to Ukraine to those who need it so desperately. With Russia being such a global threat, anything that the USA can do to deter them by helping Ukraine, who is unfortunately not a part of NATO at the present time is the right thing to do. I also understand that the USA has needs too but we are not being bombed out of our homes or cities! The formula crisis is real and thankfully it is being addressed by the delivery of overseas baby formula. The invasions at our borders continue this is true. As far as our dwindling food supply, I would like to know who would like step up and trade places with someone in Ukraine right now….their cities-their entire country are being destroyed, no where to obtain food or water or basic necessities of life. We as Americans can and should continue to send aid just as we would be praying for aid if the tables were turned and it was our country under attack. Remember, the Golden Rule….

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