The Brenham School Board heard from three architecture firms during a lengthy meeting at noon Wednesday.  The school district is looking at ways to get the school bond passed that failed in May.  School bonds are not passing the way they were in the past, something that all three firms alluded to.  PBK Architecture, Plan North Architecture, and Huckabee Architecture where the three firms presenting to the board.

PBK Architecture sent Ryan Gregory, Ian Powell, and Jeff Chapman for their presentation.  Their corporate office is located in Houston.  Plan North, a local firm who has done some work for the district in the past, said they would like to do some planning before the next bond is called.  Katie Burch and Blake Clements did most of their presentation to the board.  Huckabee Architecture said they would do a master plan, and then see what bond amount the community would support and then structure the bond to that amount.  They supported doing a series of bonds, keeping to the master plan, over several years.

Brenham School trustees are looking for ways to get a school bond passed.  The $153.9 million bond issue failed in May of this year.  One reason the voters gave as to why they voted no was the lack of plans presented by the school district for the new Junior High School and the High School CTE building.  The School Board hopes to select a firm to provide plans next time around.

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  1. I mean, maybe they should worry more about improving the curriculum and teachers before they worry about the building. I just got outta highschool, the only thing in the building that needs fixing is the bathrooms and the theater department.

  2. Every home owners property values just went up substantial amount,so that means more property taxes are going to be due.Now you want to pass a bond so the rates can go up, not going to happen!!

  3. It won’t matter how much the bond is for, unless BISD get more responsible with the money they have. Why haven’t the buildings been maintained? Why are we having building issues? Where’s that money?? Why do we have so many empty buildings, so many people in administration?
    Show us where the money is going!?

  4. We need a common sense school board. They have lost the respect of most citizens in Brenham with their brow beating an unprepared pushing for this bond. There will be a time for this in the future but families are trying to just pay their home and school taxes right now.

    1. Completely agree! It’s time for a school board that takes into consideration the effects of their proposals on every citizen not just the “rich and famous”. Time for real life reality, not reality show idiocy!

    2. Someone once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. We don’t have good representation of the people in our school board or we would not continue waste our taxpayer funds on fluff jobs for some of the chosen and studies on how to trick us into buying their cheese when we can’t afford milk. Home school never looked so good as it does now and that is nothing but a failure on those individuals elected to this board that are out of touch with the struggle of common people to make payments on cars homes food clothes etc. Get Real or Get Lost.

    3. I just don’t think they can hear. Or maybe they don’t care. They only want to spend spend spend.

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