Washington County Elections Administrator Carol Jackson presents her monthly report and discusses the results of the general election with Washington County Commissioners on Tuesday.

Washington County Commissioners canvassed the results from the November 8th general election at their meeting Tuesday.

Elections Administrator Carol Jackson said there were officially 14,130 voters in the general election out of 24,639 registered voters, a turnout of 57.35 percent.  The total includes 9,496 early voters, 4,132 who voted on Election Day, and 502 absentee ballots cast.

Jackson thanked everyone who assisted in organizing the election and helped to make it a smooth process.



Washington County voters largely swung red, as all Republican candidates on the ballot won with at least 75 percent of the vote.

Comparing 2022’s results to past years, 2018’s gubernatorial election drew 13,563 voters out of 23,255 registered voters for a turnout of 58.32 percent.  Meanwhile, 2020’s presidential election saw 72.93 percent of voters show up to vote, with 17,541 ballots cast from 24,051 registered voters.

The court’s canvassing on Tuesday does not include the results from Brenham ISD’s bond election, as that is handled by the Brenham School Board.

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