The three champions from 2022's Washington
County Spelling Bee are (from left) 1st Place Macy
Holster, 2nd Place Will Hefferly, and 3rd Place
Corbin Brooks.
(Mark Whitehead)

Some of the brightest students in Washington County will compete next week to see who is the best speller.

The 67th Washington County Spelling Bee will be held Tuesday at 6 p.m. at The Barnhill Center in the Hasskarl Auditorium.  The winner of the spelling bee will move on to the Houston Public Media Spelling Bee on March 25th

The top three spellers will also receive cash prizes from KWHI, who has been a proud sponsor of the spelling bee since its inception.

This year’s participants include:

Alton Elementary

  • Araceli Rodriguez-Gomez, child of Daniel Rodriguez & Maria Gomez
  • Everett Westfield, child of Heath & Krystyna Westfield
  • Colette Schluens, child of Cody & Amanda Schluens
  • Alternate - Kaylee Maier, child of Jared & Kellye Maier

Brenham Elementary

  • Caine Randle, child of Cheneka Jones & Nicolas Randle
  • Kynleigh Kidd, child of Megan & Nate Whalen and Jennifer & Travis Kidd
  • Gracyn Kaminski, child of Brooke & Joshua Kaminski
  • Alternate - Cormac Ervin, child of Michael & Julia Ervin

Krause Elementary

  • Alora Gaskamp, child of Melissa & Michael Havard and Dustin Horrocks
  • Madison Fridye, child of Megan & Christian Fridye
  • Ryleigh Cooper, child of Nichole & Brandon Cooper
  • Alternate - Maggie McWhorter, child of Sarah & Neil McWhorter

Brenham Middle School

  • Corbin Brooks, child of William & Carol Brooks
  • Carter Smith, child of Ronan & Alexis Smith
  • Will Hefferly, child of Andy & Abby Hefferly
  • Alternate - Oluwsefunmi Oruwa, child of Awaiye Aolushola

Brenham Junior High

  • Fabian Lopez (8th), child of Erica & Ernesto Lopez
  • Hannah Shahzad (8th) , child of Shandale Shahzad
  • John Hefferly (7th), child of Andy & Abby Hefferly
  • Alternate - Autumn Osagie (8th), child of Rachael & Brad Schramm

Burton Elementary

  • Scout Rhodes, child of Justin & Angela Rhodes
  • Levi Hirsch, child of Dale & Ashlee Young
  • Hadlee Reed, child of Vernon & Michelle Reed
  • Alternate - Korbin Mertz, child of Jessica Mertz & Kevin Mertz

Citadel Christian School

  • Emma Forman, child of Julie & Dave Forman
  • Maddie McHargue, child of Katie & Andy McHargue
  • Braeden Brewster, child of Megan & Chris Brewster
  • Alternate - Hudson Forman, child of Julie & Dave Forman

First Baptist Church School

  • Charley Eberly, child of Chad Eberly & Kristen Eberly
  • Sandy Supak, child of Matt & Bobbi Jo Supak
  • Brooklyn Meech, child of Adam & Leslie Meech
  • Alternate - Rachel Chan, child of Jose Chan & Sarah Dominguez

St Paul's Christian Day School

  • Lilah Joswiak, child of Christina Joswiak & Scott Joswiak
  • Wesley Whitehead, child of Dr. Jennifer Jones & Joel Whitehead
  • Jonathan Loesch, child of Dr. William & Michelle Loesch

Master of Ceremonies: Courtney Mason

Word Caller: Nancy Oertli

Judges: Donna Logan, Retired Teacher, Brenham ISD; Dr. Edna Kennedy, Superintendent, Burton ISD; Kathleen Bedrich, Teacher, First Baptist Church School

The public is invited to attend the spelling bee in person or listen to KWHI’s live broadcast starting at 6 p.m. on AM 1280, FM 101.7 and kwhi.com.

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