A professor at Texas A&M has been fired and another faculty member has been reprimanded.

Filipe Castro

The university confirms Archaeology professor Felipe Castro, has lost his tenure and anthropology associate professor Michael Alvard was given a reprimand.

According to the Bryan/College Station Eagle, the moves came following an investigation into their conduct and political commentary.

Michael Alvard

Last August, Castro made Facebook posts critical of President Donald Trump and members of the Republican Party.

In June, Alvard was arrested for criminal trespass at Texas A&M while protesting the Sul Ross Statue on campus.

A&M Compliance Officer Kevin McGinnis released a statement saying the moves were “prompted by more than one hundred complaints against these professors, some involving misconduct in the classroom.  The investigations confirmed significant misconduct and sanctions have been issued.”

Texas A&M officials declined to comment further.


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  1. The firing of these “fine people” is the real attack on our democracy. It is a mistake to think that the only protected “free speech” is “your” free speech! Others who disagree with “you” also have a constitutional right to free speech. Any college or university that seeks to censor or restrict free speech is also guilty of under-educating their students! Democracy is being beaten down by the far right because they are angry about the legitimate results of the Presidential election. Who cares! No need to distress; there are numerous media and social sites available to exercise your free speech! Many are off limits or underground; but, they exist! USE THEM.

    1. You make no sense most of the time. I wonder how many of your comments they do not publish. Your point misses the point of the article. This professional teacher had a long history of problems in and out of the class. The election, or the right wing, has nothing to do with it. He was just a bad instructor, period.

  2. About time something done! Thank U! So much hatred for Trump and fans! Sad! Pray for America and President Trump everyday!

  3. Intriguing comments that support censorship by academics, a long-standing tradition violated. I do not care for Trump, and the recent actions by the House to impeach him for his role in the riot in Washington DC are appropriate. However, one of the distinct characteristics of the Trump era in American politics has been the suppression of alternative viewpoints and outright propaganda and lies. Fox News continues to serve as the personal political organ for the Trump organization, I realize that the Bryan-College Station area is very heavily conservative in political view but had hoped the influx of the many foreign students might moderate. Perhaps not. I am not familiar with the comments posted by the professor but unless they were lies or threats his right to post his opinion must not be censored or we all lose our same rights under the First Amendment. I always suspect comments that use jingoistic flavor to color the context of the argument. Good luck to Dr. Castro and Dr. Alvard in their future academic work; they will not be hampered by these actions.

  4. Laughing out loud at the people praising the firing absolutely being the same people complaining of “cancel culture” and mistakenly citing the 1st Amendment – here’s a hint, it actually would apply here, unlike against Twitter. It goes to show a lack of sincerity and good faith in their argument…they are against cancel culture when used against “their people” and are for the 1st Amendment when it is “their speech.”

    1. I don’t have a problem with a professor criticizing a politician but Alvard said the death of Trump would be a good thing. Hate-filled leftists are becoming the norm in “higher education” and that is not okay. Have your own opinions…fine. Teach your students to become hate-filled against others who believe differently…not fine.

      I was actually surprised at this decision because that sort of behavior is usually condoned at most universities. Good for A&M.

    2. Fascinating mind set you have. From a letter to Castro from provost Mark H. Weichold at A&M
      “[was] demeaning to students who did not agree with your stances on religious matters; made unprofessional comments about current politicians that had no relation to the subject of the class; and made inappropriate, unprofessional and disrespectful comments in the classroom about male and female genitalia.”
      “failed to deliver instruction and class materials in an unbiased and respectful manner.”
      Me thinks you may be one of those that think ‘unbiased” education is the indoctrination of cultural Marxism, anti-Christian and preaches critical race theory. Likewise and anything that disagrees with leftist preaching is biased. This is a great move by A&M and likely just a couple of the first dominoes, and not just at A&M.

    3. I agree with you that the same standards should apply to everyone, whether liberal or conservative. However, I don’t think this professor was fired solely because of his Facebook posts. According to the article, “The investigations confirmed significant misconduct . . .”

  5. If you go to Michael Alvard Facebook page this has not deterred him as of less that 18 hours ago he is still posting anti Trump post , Funny thing is he even posted ( about a year ago) “Never live a life that people dance in the street when you get fired” Well Mr Alvard you havent been fired … Yet…

  6. People have Lost their minds Because of their hate for Trump they get so blinded by it that they are wiling to lose their Jobs, Cut out people from their lives who have a different opinion than theirs , Its just crazy, There have been presidents that I like and some I did not care for, But I always support whoever is in Office. We need to keep a closer eye on what is being taught in our schools and college campus, We need to make sure that Our young people are able to make up their own minds about politics , Not be told what to think. Glad this man was fired.

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