The Brenham Municipal Court Judge has been removed from his position.

Bill Kendall (left), with wife Royceanna, as he is sworn in May 1, 2015 as Municipal Judge, with Mayor Milton Tate performing the ceremony.

After meeting in executive session Thursday, the Brenham City Council voted unanimously to remove presiding judge Bill Kendall, effective immediately.

When asked the reasoning for removing Kendall from the position, City Manager James Fisher said the city does not comment on personnel issues.  He said the city council will discuss the now vacant position at a later date.

Kendall, who is also the Precinct Four Justice of the Peace for Washington County, had formerly served as the City Prosecutor before being selected for the position of municipal court judge.

Kendall had been the presiding judge since May 2015, after the former judge Julian Wiesler passed away in January 2015.  Kendall was reappointed last year for a term set to expire next December.

The city council had been discussing Kendall’s status with the city in executive session for several months, dating back to June.

According to the posted agenda Thursday, the council’s action item detailed the “evaluation, duties, suspension or removal of the presiding municipal court judge and associated matters”.

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  1. The Texas Constitution prohibits anyone from holding two paid offices at the same time. Another glaring violation is the required notice for Executive Session to discuss Personnel must give notice to the public for positions of public interest like City Judge, Attorney, Police Chief, etc. The judge would then have the right to have the discussion in public. Bovey obviously knows that notice requirement but ….. A big D-U-H!

    1. This is SO disturbing!
      Secret hearings and meetings not allowing due process and the assumption of innocence until PROVEN GUILTY! ?????????

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