There may be triple-digit temperatures forecasted this weekend, but the Brenham Fire Department is getting ready to turn up the heat with its 50th Annual Fireman’s Fiesta.

Tomorrow (Saturday) night, the community is invited to the Fireman’s Training Center in Brenham from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.  Guests can have all the sirloin steak and sausage they want.

There will also be an auction with items such as a six-person fishing trip to Costa Rica, four rounds of golf with a cart at the Brenham Country Club, an 1881 wooden-framed replica map of Brenham, and a year’s worth of pies from Must Be Heaven.

Tickets for the Fireman’s Fiesta are $13 in advance and $15 at the door.  They are available at the fire station and from members of the fire department, as well as Robert’s Service Station, K&M Grocery, and Dan’s Meat Market.

KWHI and KTEX-106 will each have live broadcasts from the Fireman’s Training Center tomorrow evening.

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  1. I assume this is a fundraiser. Do the proceeds go to the fire department? For any particular purpose?

    1. Yes, Hope you made it out & a big THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME OUT.
      But yes most department in our community have some kind of fundraising efforts at different times during the year & hall rental in their respected parts of the county they serve, this is all about helping the community, by having these fundraisers it helps the fund equipment, Trucks, training & other resources the members see as a need to make our job easier & safer for the protection of the people who live & pass through our community we serve. Brenham Fire Dept. Training Center in itself is not the property of the city but was a vision of it’s then members, built in early 80s, it was built on land donated to be ran by members of the fire dept. the building was paid off on a 10 yr. note Our first new rescue pumper, grass trucks for example are just a couple major pieces funded solely by rentals, fundraisers & members working these functions there. All funds since raised by the rental & every function in the Training Center other than upkeep of the facility go back into the community by way of protection above & beyond to keep operating budgets lower that the city allows for us each year, this for the purpose of obtaining these needed trucks, gear, insurance & all that goes into the trucks. The city & county have budgets to contend with to keep taxes low as possible so this is our way of giving back to the people we serve.

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