The famous Independence Day Parade in Chappell Hill will not occur this year, due to COVID-19.

The Chappell Hill Chamber of Commerce announced its decision to not hold the parade this (Monday) morning, saying because of the current pandemic and the financial and strategic challenges of implementing a socially distant parade, the Chamber would rather use its time and resources to support local businesses in this time of need.

In lieu of the parade, the Chamber encourages the community to put together patriotic decorations for a decorating contest.  Chamber officials say the contest, which will be themed “United We Stand: Texas Strong”, will allow the Chamber to use resources that would have been dedicated to the parade to instead be used to promote Chappell Hill businesses throughout the summer.

The contest will feature business and residential categories, with over $1,200 in prize money.  Beginning June 6th, entry forms will be posted on the Chamber’s website,, and can also be picked up at Chappell Hill businesses.

For the business category, the first place winner will receive $350, with $250 going to second place, $150 to third place, and an Honorable Mention will receive $50.

Residents will receive their prizes in the form of gift cards from Chappell Hill businesses.  First place will receive $250, followed by $150 for second place, $50 for third place, and $25 for the Honorable Mention.

Entries must be submitted by Tuesday, June 16th, and judging will take place Thursday, June 18th.  A map of all entries will be provided.

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  1. Chappell Hill organizers and wannabe leaders are Sheeple managed by the master shepherds! The REAL doctors and REAL science have proven that outdoors in the sun, the COVID-19 has a HALF-LIFE of 90 seconds! Please, when are sheeple going to stop buying into this greatest ruse ever brought down on Americans? The real data and facts tell the true story!

  2. Thank goodness that wisdom prevailed and this parade was cancelled. With the COVID rates in Washington County still higher than average, this is not the year to risk our public health with mass gatherings such as this. Events like Little League or Fourth of July celebrations are cancelled to keep us safe. Let’s accept the new normal and put the health of our elderly and immunize compromised ahead of risky social activities.

    1. All of those laid off workers and those struggling thank you for your blind obedience!! Look at facts and quit listening to the media, think for yourself. Just unbelievable…..

  3. This is a sad day for America. Has it really come to this? I guess we are trading our freedom for new measures like contact tracing and quarantine instead of free movement and democracy. If the riots are back…/ covid is clearly over.

  4. We should have the parade, but just call it a “protest.” If the group activity/gathering is a “protest” then Covid can’t infect anyone.

  5. I don’t see why they can’t have a parade? Tell everyone to wear a mask if they feel they need to.

  6. I understand the chamber wanting to help local businesses and I think it is a great idea.
    But…. when you use the social distancing as an excuse, that bothers me. There have been protest parades/marches in all fifty states without concern of social distancing. I’m not against the peaceful protest/ marches. But..
    The pandemic scare needs to end and we need to be the “Home of the Brave and Land of the Free”

  7. Kinda of a
    Sad day when you can’t be independent on independence day….. so much for freedom….

    1. Too many have bought into fear and not facts. I agree it’s sad at the freedoms being taken away under the disguise of safety. These same people are to blame for all the layoffs.

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