Visitors to The Barnhill Center in Brenham this (Friday) evening will be treated to a tribute performance for the late John Denver.

Jim Curry
(courtesy photo)

Jim Curry will perform a number of Denver’s multi-platinum hits at the show, which is set to begin at 7 p.m.

Barnhill Center show producer Sharon Brass says Jim Curry and his band “bring back the music we all love with close authenticity to Denver’s arrangements and delivery.”

Curry performs to sold-out crowds throughout North America, and was the first and only full-length John Denver tribute in Las Vegas Casinos.  He was also one of the most popular shows on the Holland America Cruise Line.

The Barnhill Center asks for social distancing, and guests must wear masks while not in their seats.  Restrooms, railings, door handles and other public surfaces will be sanitized often throughout events.

Tickets for all shows can be purchased by visiting the box office at 111 West Main Street, or by calling 979-337-7240.

While tickets cannot be purchased online, more information is available at

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  1. The Barnhill did a fabulous job of spacing out patrons so guests from different parties were not sitting near each other. Only 1/3 of the seats were utilized.. Everyone was very respectful about wearing masks when they left their seats and all of the staff/volunteers wore masks the entire time. The show was great and enjoyed by all. It is time to get back to living and I am so glad things are starting to open up again using the recommended safety protocols. Anyone that is uncomfortable in a group should stay inside but there is no need to criticize others who are getting out. There is light at the end of the tunnel…..

  2. So how was this? I really wanted to go, love John Denver. Anyone went who cares to share? Sadly, there was no way I’m going to sit in an indoor theater, without masks being required. Literally defines “super-spreader”, especially with the huge rise in cases in Wash County.

    1. The concert was great, all those in attendance really enjoyed the show. Rusty, you obviously did not read the article, the Barnhill Center takes Covid responsibility very seriously. seating was very carefully social distanced planned out. Only while seated could you remove your mask if you so chose to. Masks were required anytime you left your seat. the premise was sanitized before and during the performance. You missed out on a very entertaining evening because you choose to live in a cave. Recognize that there are ways to enjoy life while being protected as best as possible and go enjoy.

    2. You should not go anywhere until you get your vaccine.
      Super spreader event?
      At the Simon?
      Stay home, please.

    3. The concert was great and all attendees really enjoyed the show and music. Rusty, you obviously did not read the article. The Barnhill Center takes Covid responsibility very seriously. The seating was very carefully planned to account for social distancing, patrons had two empty seats on each side and no one in front or behind. You could remove your mask ONLY while seated if you chose. Masks were required anytime you left your seat throughout the premise. All staff wore masks throughout the evening. All patron touching surfaces were sanitized before and during the concert. All of that was well publicized so the public knew their concerns were being addressed. Don’t choose to live in a cave, with proper planning and execution we can go about enjoying life as best we can.

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