A recent report named the Fayette Power Project or FPP the 14th “dirtiest” power plant in the nation based on carbon dioxide emissions.


The report comes from Matt Hope of Find Energy LLC and was based on 2020 data from the United States Energy Information Administration. The report says that FPP generated more than 8 million megawatt hours of electricity in 2020 while emitting 9 billion kilograms of CO2.


The report puts the coal-power FPP among the one percent of the more than 10,000 power plants that generated 42 percent of the CO2 emissions from electric production.


FPP is jointly owned by the Lower Colorado River Authority and Austin Energy. The plant is located on SH 71 between La Grange and Ellinger. A statement from the Lower Colorado River Authority says that FPP is meeting all of the applicable environmental and federal rules and regulations. They also stated they have no plans to convert the plant to another fuel source.


Austin Energy was set to cease its portion of FPP at the end of 2021 but said in November of 2021 that negotiations had stalled but that they plan to continue the negotiations with the Lower Colorado River Authority.

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  1. They can burn old tires in the plant as long as they generate enough electricity to keep the power on. Green nonsense led to the blackouts last year. They can burn whatever they want as long as they don’t let that happen again.

    1. So if you had a neighbor that was upwind of your property and that neighbor decided to pile up 100+ old tires, vinyl upholstered furniture, plastic buckets, containers of used motor oil and other assorted trash such as that and lit it and it burned for four or five days, sending smoke down to your residence, I’m assuming you would have no trouble with that? When I taught in the Fayetteville school district years ago, there were always kids there who had some relative that had been diagnosed with a respiratory illness or lung cancer and, other than living downwind of the power plant, they had no other health issues or reasons that the doctors could give. From what I know from one of my former students who works for the LCRA, it IS a dirty power plant. Strange that Governor Abbott, the day after the regular session ended, started receiving large campaign contributions from energy companies, some of which were over a quarter of a million dollars each. Just because there’s a new group at ERCOT, they’re no better equipped to manage it then the former group was. My bet is that if there’s no cold weather this year and nothing such as last year occurs again, they’ll be tooting their own horns and what a good job they’re doing.

  2. Well we like being warm on these cold days dont we! Oh lets all get fireplaces and then see what the C02 level is for the hole state and where all the trees go that we burn in thise fireplaces.

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