The Brenham City Council will hold a public hearing Wednesday on the city’s proposed tax rate for the new fiscal year.

This is the first of two public hearings on the tax rate, set at 51.4 cents per $100 valuation.  The rate is slightly lower than last year’s rate of 51.7 cents per $100.

The council approved the new rate at its meeting on August 1st.  The rate is made up of a maintenance and operations rate of 32 cents, the same as last year, and an interest and sinking rate of 19.4 cents, reduced from 19.7 cents a year ago.

While the tax rate is lower on paper, many Brenham homeowners will still experience higher taxes due to higher property values.

The council will meet Wednesday at noon, at City Hall.

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  1. Sad part to all of this is that our salaries do not increase. Take the State Supported Living Center (State School), one of the biggest employers here in town; they have not had an increase in salary in over 6 years!! Their salaries are already way below what even McDonald’s workers are making and then they have to try to pay higher utilities in town? No wonder so many people are on government assistance.
    Agreed that something needs to be done, perhaps an audit of expenditures? I know that many of the city employees have not seen a raise in a while either, so where is the money going? They should quit giving out all the “tax free benefits” when letting businesses move here; making the citizens make up for it.

  2. Smoke and mirrors…. the tax rate doesn’t matter. Let it be known that the cost increase in utilities, the higher budget and the new sales tax added to our electric and gas bill have already been unanimously approved by city council. Not one voted NO to the increases. NOT ONE!

    The city council has unanimously agreed to increase the cost of living in the City of Brenham! Business as usual.

    1. Silas I agree. If city management does not have the skillset to make ends meet on the existing budget then how can we expect city management to use the additional revenue wisely? This is ridiculous. The younger population needs to wake up and not just settle for higher government costs as status quo. Obviously, everything my generation worked for is being flushed down the toilet and I having to pay double for the water and the sewer, just to finance a subpar government that wants twice the pay for less than half the work. It is time for the taxpayers to go on strike in Brenham.

  3. Great city managers save money
    Good city managers break even
    Bad city managers are out of control and spend tax dollars only to raise taxes year after year. Worse politicians support failing city management.

  4. And of course the meeting is at noon so if you want to go you’ll have to take off work……

  5. Is this public hearing on the three tenth of a percent decrease on our new overinflated values or is this pubic hearing also on the new proposed numerous city monthly fees? Please clarify.

    1. Don’t forget the new sale tax on gas and electric! City council id failing us.. Every single one of them.

    2. Shock more like infuriated!! Im lost so wait we’re paying for/forced to pay for a job that gets done incorrectly and now want more money so you can try again this year?!!! Ha!!!! How about you use the money law enforcement gets when theres a “forfeiture” of drug money or all this revenue from all these tickets seen given or posts on traffic arressts were allways seeing on kwhi instead of punishing residents for people in office with over inflated salaries not doing a job right!! Enough is enough!!!

  6. It’s time to open the books and see where all this tax money goes? I think some things that we waste money on should stop…..

    1. I totally agree,I have looked up some recent approvals for various purchases. They do not make sense at all. It is so outrageous. Our city Manager annual salary is compared to cities MUCH larger. So unacceptable.

      1. Why do we need to go to the public hearings when council will continue to do what they want to do anyhow. property tax will not go down because of the new appraisals and the other charges are all in this concerned citizens view a pretty substantial increase.

      2. Our local governmental entities seem to enjoy paying outrageous salaries, if you think the city managers salary is high, check out the school superintendent, it is shocking!

        1. Those city managers will also likely get paid off hundreds of thousands when they leave their positions. Especially, if history keeps repeating itself. Citizens need to really question the elected mayor and commissioners why these positions get paid outrageous dollars when they can’t manage money and stop the skyrocketing taxes.

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