After strongly encouraging citizens for months to wear facemasks, Governor Greg Abbott has officially made the practice a requirement.

Governor Greg Abbott

This (Thursday) afternoon, Abbott signed an executive order effective at noon tomorrow (Friday) mandating the wearing of masks in public spaces in counties with 20 or more positive cases.

The order states that every person over the age of 10 shall wear a face covering when inside a commercial or public space, or when in an outdoor space that does not allow for six feet of social distancing.

Exceptions are made for those with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent the wearing of masks, those who are consuming food or drink, and those who are exercising or performing physical activities outdoors while maintaining safe distance from others.

In addition, mayors and county judges have been given authority to levy restrictions on some outdoor gatherings of over 10 people.

First-time violators of the order will be given a warning, followed by fines of up to $250 for continued violations.  The order prohibits confinement in jail as a penalty for violation.

Abbott said the state has the ability to keep businesses open and move its economy forward, but it requires everyone to do their part to protect one another—and that means wearing a face covering in public.  He said this, along with restricting the size of group gatherings, will “strengthen Texas’ ability to corral this virus and keep Texans safe”.

The full order can be seen here.

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  1. I’m sick of hearing all of your pathetic opinions,
    Instead of social distancing let’s have some verbal distancing.
    Another words shut up and get back to work people.

  2. Sad to see so many grown ups acting like whiny babies,only thinking of themselves and not as a community effect.ive seen 3 yrs old conduct themselves better.wear a mask,and work together as one,stop being selfish or making this political,

  3. If citizens in Brenham think that ALL local citizens will obey the governors request to wear masks, they are mistaken. I went to HEB Friday morning at 7:30 am and immediately encountered 6 older men and one woman without a mask. I asked why the store did not have personnel stationed at entrances to enforce the mask order. I was told the store will not require masks for entry. So now you know that HEB. Management does not care for the public’s safety and only about making a buck. And that selfish citizens have no respect for others. Stores in Brazos county enforce the governors order. I don’t mind driving.

  4. This will be the year of 20/20 is hindsight.

    Shutting down completely was a terrible idea, but we were uneducated and scared of this Covid-19 Chinese virus.
    I totally agreed.

    After 3 months plus of shut downs, and craziness, we can see that this is not a nice virus, but it is also not going to wipe out the human race.

    If we don’t have better reporting on what is happening, and we keep allowing the media and other behind the scene players to get us All afraid to live life, then we are truly doomed.

    The last statistic I read was that 99.4% of all people will survive, up to 99.8%.
    If that is true, then why are we shutting down our lives and living, for such a small percent?
    Life is always full of danger and death, but that is life.

    If this never goes away, if there is never a cure or good therapy, then are we to hide and not live life?
    Is this what has become of our strength and perseverance as a people and nation?

    If I had a 99.4% chance of achieving anything in life, then I would take that bet. If I had a 99.4% chance of not achieving I would probably not take the bet.

    But in either case I would do my best, and not cower in fear.

    I do not want to see anyone die before their time.
    I also do not want to see the fear and panic that I see now on most people’s face’s because of a 0.6% chance of dying.

    This fear and shut down can only go on for so long before it does more damage to people and this country than any Covid-19 will.
    Thank you.

  5. So where are all of those commenters who said they would leave town, shop somewhere else, do whatever else other than be subjugated to a order from the government to wear a mask? I look forward to armed protesters in the streets of downtown Brenham waving American flags and demanding their human (as well as constitutional) rights. After this initial gathering, I am certain that they will feel strongly enough to walk to Austin and protest at the Capitol.

    1. WE’RE SAVED!!! Crisis averted!! So if masks make such a big difference I expect to see cases and hospitalizations drop significantly in the coming weeks and we all can go along with our business. If they do not, what will you mask warriors want next?

  6. Finally. But somewhat late. The barn door left open and now working to contain the animals again.
    This is a public health issue. Wear the face covering. Be considerate of each other. Used all together the masks will work.

  7. I hope Abbot enjoys his retirement after the next election. I will bet he won’t get re-elected after this.

  8. Facts:

    A. Studies are showing more and more the masks are ineffective because they’re not worn correctly.

    B. As an asthmatic I cannot wear the masks long term; however, now I’ll be either forced to wear one and suffer or embarrass myself disclosing my health.

    C. They need to base decisions on the recovery and Death Stats… NOT influx of cases. Why? Because sorry folks: they’re going to keep rising the more we test.

    It’s time to let us decide. We take risks every day, like it or not, and the virus is low risk.

    Stop living in fear: you face death from flu, pneumonia, common cold, food poisoning and such for YEARS and nary a gripe.

    Yes COVID is bad but this is getting beyond that into pure fear mongering.

    Just look at houston: they had the STRICTEST guidelines but a big outbreak.

    1. Don’t be ashamed of having Asthma. I’m 44 and have had it since I was a kid. I take a pill daily and have prescription inhalers all over my house, in my cars and at work. Nothing to be ashamed of. People who don’t have it or don’t have a close family member that does can not and will not be able to understand how limiting our breathing effects us. I’ll continue to carry my inhaler with me and gladly do my best to educate the people who will try and shame me for not wearing a mask. So for the people who are going to comment and try to tell me the importance of wearing a mask, please don’t go there. If you have never experienced a true asthma attack to the point of feeling like you are gunna pass out because you can’t breathe then please just keep your negative comments to yourself.

      1. I have major asthma and heart issues, almost passed out getting groceries Sunday had to use my inhaler twice. BUT I also know not wearing a mask could make ME sicker. I would rather not be one of the ones who die from complications of covid I have a DNR. Now with that said for those who don’t choose to wear a mask no shame should be given. I don’t wear mine for anyone but MYSELF and yes I’ll say it I’M SELFISH and proud of it.

    2. If your asthmatic, you are not required to wear a mask,as for Houston who had strictest guidelines the numbers went DOWN,then they came back up even higher after the Governor over rides the mayor etc.alot of buisnesses went and did what they wanted,over packed their bars,restaurants, and ppl refused to wear masks,social distance…so the numbers are now sky high.

      1. Oldtimer, the biggest jump cane when the protests hit and overcrowded bars.

        Before then, it was far fewer than the past two weeks.

        If you’re going to shame folks, you need to shame the protesters as well.

        And for the record: there were massive drops in non-mandated counties as well. I’ve studied all 254 counties and noticed there really is not much difference.

        Guess this mandate will be telling though many cities I know aren’t enforcing the penalties because it’s too much hassle.

      2. No it came back from the protesters being bused in from up north!! It’s ok to say it, quit being scared of your shadow!!

  9. thank you governor I guess you do not care about the citizen of Texas remember election have can have results you do not like. I guess you gave in to the liberals.

  10. Well, I’ll be seeing y’all in Debtor’s Prison. I’ve got a hunch that Abbot doesn’t make it through the next Republican primary.

    1. @Norton..I bet he does..hes done a really good job under the circumstances, you cant please everyone,there are times I’m for him and times I’m not in his judgement calls..I will vote for him again

    1. @not doing it..I hope your proud of yourself for not wanting to work together as and for your community..very selfish,you are a ME generation!

  11. “bUt oUr LiBeRtiEs!!!”
    Wear a mask people!
    Ever heard of making a sacrifice for your country? This is a small one.

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