The City of Brenham held its first budget meeting for the next fiscal year Monday.  The presented plan was for both the next year and the next five years, and is described as extremely preliminary.  The new budget needs to take into account inflation, labor shortages, supply chain shortages and the associated longer lead time and future economic uncertainty.

Department heads went over the preliminary budget and highlighted their projected needs for the next 5 years. The departments included electric, gas, water supply and waste water, drainage, streets, parks, library, aquatics, animal control, fire and police.  One item of note is the new fire station.  It is currently on the budget for the architectural and engineering work to be done next year for $297,000 and construction to begin the following year for $3.3 million.

The next budget meeting for the city will be July 11th and 12th with July 26th set aside if needed.

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  1. With the way the economy is now. Why do you have to so a five year budget? Two, three maybe. Things are changing everyday. And we do not need a new fire station. Just like a new EMS at Somerville. Slow down on the spending. Try some thought out wisdom.

    1. the fire station will be another fire station so the city will have 2 fire stations which means more future exspensives the city needs to wait until the economy gets better the second station would be nice but not urgently needed

    2. Funny thing is, it is the first budget meeting…they found out that the tax payers are getting fed up with the spending.

    3. Actually Brenham is long over due for an additional fire station within the city limits of Brenham. Due to previous leadership failures both in the fire department and in the city council, Brenham Fire Department is now having to play catch up. When dealing with fire protection, cities should always plan for at minimum 1 fire station for every 10K people, or 1 for every 5 min of response radius. The city of Brenham is growing in both population and businesses, fire protection is a must.

      Even though it’s not city of a Brenham related, your comment about the EMS is absolutely spot on. You are correct, there is not a justifiable need for a station at the lake. However the county commissioners court continues to give anything and everything to EMS. Meanwhile the EMS leadership continues to not address their attrition rate as employees are leaving for other employers. They are not leaving for pay either, like the leadership would have you think. The employees leave because of the leadership and how they are treated as employees.

      Meanwhile our county sheriffs department is struggling because of lack of support from our county commissioners. We need new leadership at the county level. We need county leadership to support all public safety agencies in a physically conservative manner.

    4. Yes you are correct you don’t need a new fire station, you need 2 new fire stations in addition to the current station.
      the ems station is the county so City of Brenham has not say in that.

    5. A second fire station was supposed to be built YEARS ago. Probably should check with former council members why that didn’t happen. With new housing and retail development, It is very much needed and probably time to consider a 3rd station. Growth leads to these issues and first responders/LEOs should be a top priority.

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