Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday issued an executive order restricting the ability of local governments to set business capacity limits or require face masks or vaccines.

Governor Greg Abbott

The new order, which overrides previous orders, states that governmental entities cannot “compel any individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine administered under an emergency use authorization.”  The order also says that they cannot mandate masks or set COVID-19 related operating limits for any business or other establishment, even if a region’s COVID-19 hospitalizations exceed 15 percent of total hospital capacity.

In addition, the order says any public or private entity that receives public funds through any means cannot require consumers to show proof of vaccination in order to receive services.

Abbott said the order is meant to “provide clarity and uniformity in Texas’ COVID-19 response” and “emphasizes that the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates.”  He also said Texans have “mastered the safe practices that help to prevent and avoid the spread of COVID-19.”

On Wednesday, Texas confirmed 10,000 new cases of COVID-19 for the first time since February 9th.  According to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), 52.44 percent of the state’s eligible population is fully vaccinated.

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  1. For those insisting this keeps local governments from keeping their citizens safe: You are responsible for your own safety. The Government is not your daddy, it is not responsible for your food, clothing, shelter etc. Take care of yourself. Keep yourself safe. If you don’t want to walk around the maskless heathens, then don’t. Nearly everything you could possibly want can be delivered to your door or seen online. Go for it.

  2. The migrants are being intentionally infected then encouraged to head north. This is biological warfare and the feds are allowing it to happen to punish Texas. I don’t blame the migrants, they’re pawns just like kids who get bombs strapped to them by terrorists. The rise in covid cases is coinciding with migrant numbers pouring across the border. Has nothing to do with how we behave or what we do, mask, vax, nothing. The federal government, run by one party, is encouraging this biological warfare to be directed at Texas, us, our home, and many of you are so blindly loyal to them you just can’t see it.

    1. Exactly. The public really doesn’t have a clue about Covid because it’s been a political tool from the beginning. Thirty years ago it would have been branded another strain of flu to watch out for and nothing more. Do people really think the elitists in Washington D.C. are concerned about people’s lives? The dead are still voting anyway.

  3. This is awesome! Imagine that, a conservative governor sticking to it to oppressive government and Chinese communist like big business.
    I believe this applies to Scott and White in their quest to virtue signal the Marxists. Doesn’t scott and white take Medicaid that is from Texas Health and Human Services? I believe that makes a good argument to bankrupt them.

    My favorite dissonance of late is the use of the word “rare” which the CDC applies to the instance of breakthrough of its “vaccine” defense. I think what they call “rare” is one the 5-30% range and they say they don’t know. When a common person uses that word it means less than 1%. Another is blaming failures of this pseudo vaccine on those not taking the COVID pseudo vaccines. At least own your own neglected health failure and your allegiance the pretend gods of government and institutionalized “science” (vs philosophical science) folks.

    1. Thank you Smitty. I made my mind up I will drive to CC or Houston and never support Scott & White.

  4. Gov. Abbott has no right to tell any local govt. what they can and cannot do, to protect a town and it’s citizens, during a time of crisis such as Covid. Speaking of “over-stepping boundaries”, he is doing just that ! All he is worried about is the next election, and he does not want to ruffle any feathers. His attitude has just cost him my vote. With 10,000 new cases on Wednesday, Texans have obviously ‘not mastered the safe practices’ to prevent the spread’ of Covid or any disease ! He has lost his common sense along with many others.

    1. No he’s telling the local governments to stay out of the lives of Texans, that’s not what government is for. That’s the way it should have been for the last 18 months!
      “We the people “?? , not we the government.

    2. I don’t believe everything I hear about the COVID crisis. A crisis?? First of all, the media is controlled by the left. Secondly the left has proven to be untrustworthy. ie. Lying. The Presidential balloting at Democratic polls were fraudulent. Again the COVID crisis is only a crisis due to motives to manipulate people for further control of the masses. People that die from COVID is low to all confirmed cases. And those that have been confirmed should be in question. Hospitals in this country we’re receiving funds for tagged COVID cases. Folks… manipulation for ulterior motives. The tests are not definitive. The number of cancer cases and other related disease deaths were displaced with COVID death numbers. For years the charts showed that disease deaths have been consistent until COVID came into play. I’m not saying COVID is not real!! It has been artificially inflated and yes people do die of COVID!! Fear is this administration’s tactic which leads to control which leads to loss of freedoms resulting into a dictatorial society. FEAR is the motive that give the powers at be CONTROL!! As soon as people get accustomed to vaccination which there is no end for the push, it will be easier for those who are in advanced medicine technologies to force things on the people! And not for your best interest! Enough said!

    3. But were you ever really going to vote for him before this? Oh well either way I guess our votes cancel each other out.

    4. Governor Abbot’s intent is to protect our rights afforded to us by the Constitution. HIPPA was created to protect our medical history. Now our employers have to right to supercede that and ask for proof of vaccination or be fired. That directly contradicts HIPPA. I would encourage you to do some real research on the surge in cases. A South Texas police department issued a warning for all cities in Texas. They were called to a Whataburger because there was a large group of people exhibiting Covid symptoms, not wearing a mask or self isolating. The officer who spoke to them asked them if they had been given a Covid test and if so, what were the results. The officer was told that they were given the test at a holding facility, due to them being undocumented immigrants and they all tested positive. Upon further investigation, a local Catholic charity had put them up in a local hotel. They were free to go anywhere they wanted and do whatever they wanted. So that group exposed the restaurant’s patrons and employees to Covid. How is that our fault and why should we be punished for it. Look it up. It was somewhere in South Texas. God bless.

    5. No local government has the right to tell me what to do to keep myself safe from a disease that poses minimal risk to me. The death rate has plummeted since the vaccine was released. People may still get Covid but the chances of dying from it are minuscule for those who are vaccinated. I don’t need local, state, or national government to mandate how I keep myself safe from what now amounts to the common cold.

    6. Texans have done just fine, but with the open border that people like you allow, YOU have done this!!

    7. Ray is right – Abbott is out of line once again. Just like when he lifted the mask mandate to distract from the February freeze failure. “He’s telling the local government to stay out of the lives of Texans”? How does that make sense? He is directly telling towns they can’t take measures they feel are best for them. We can just do it either way, as if he would do anything about it… Also he is the one who shut everything down when there were far fewer cases, I didn’t see “Thanks Gregg” or “Thanks governor” then. It won’t matter what is said here, people aren’t going to change their mind until they themselves are on 100% oxygen with nowhere left to go but the artificial respirator.

      1. Feel free to move to California. You will love it there and your fear will fit in nicely!!

  5. Get the person in the White House to close the border and Texas wouldn’t have a problem!
    That you Abbott for having some common sense and keeping Texas open!!!

    1. Yes, because only the image ants coming across the border are speeding this weLL survived illness! If you really think that this is true that is absolutely pitiful!

    2. Did you get vaccinated? That helps protect you against the covid-19. If those come over the border with covid-19 cases of getting sick from it won’t be as bad if you’ve been vaccinated. Forget about the border for a minute, are you vaccinated?
      Now think about the Border.
      Two different problems

  6. Thank you Gov. Abbot for recognizing MEDICAL FREEDOM!! The push to get vaccinated has ZERO to do with improving health and wellbeing of the population and everything to do with the goal of getting everyone vaccinated. There is a fundamental distinction between the two. if they were interested in our health, they would not have sent an entire country into their basements nor a year and a half to languish indoors with no sunshine, no fresh air, no gyms, no socializing, and no schools. they would not continue to demand to wear masks despite disclaimers on the box that say they do NOT protect against covid. They did everything in their power to weaken our immune systems, quality of life, our critical thinking skills, and our ability to communicate. They manipulated data, and pushed only what fit their narrative. They censored and deleted any information that would allow people to be their own informed health advocates. The goal was NEVER our health. it was ALWAYS the vaccine. Now….. ask yourself why?

  7. Thanks Greg! That’s the way it should be! Don’t like it? Stay home and leave us that want to be free alone!

  8. Thanks Governor…nice to hear a Government official admit the Government has no right to institute restrictions against your personal freedoms. So much over stated and false information distributed in a continuing effort to control your lives and further push Socialism. While the drug companies make Billions!!!

  9. That is great news. It is a personal responsibility and choice issue. If you don’t want to go out don’t. Haven’t we learned yet that stopping all Commerce and activity is much worse to our society and world than this virus is? Good job Abbott!

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