Nearly one third of all Washington County voters in the state constitutional elections two weeks ago had to make some change to their voter registration cards in accordance with the new requirements under the Voter ID law.

Washington County Elections Clerk Carole Foster gave a full report on county voting while presenting the canvass of the county results of the election at today’s (Monday’s) meeting.

She told the Commissioners that there was a very light turnout, 1753 out of the 21,000 registered voters in the county and that 530 of them needed to make some change, or sign an affidavit in order to cast their ballot.  Foster says they are preparing for a lot more voters to make a lot more changes when next year’s primaries come up in March...

The November 5th election was the first time the new Voter ID law had been enforced in a statewide election. 

Voters needed to show a state driver’s license, a state identification card, a concealed handgun license, a military identification,  or a certificate of citizenship to cast a ballot.

Foster said that they will not turn away anyone from the polls, but they may have to vote with a provisional ballot.


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