A news release from the Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative says that a scam mostly involving the elderly and Hispanic members continues in the cooperative’s 14 county coverage area.  Much of this most recent scam involves members in Washington County.  Much of the county gets their electricity from Bluebonnet.

Bluebonnet General Manager Mark Rose says the scam involves members getting visits from two men,  demanding immediate payment by cash or credit cards, or asking for personal information.   Rose goes on to say they are doing their best to make the members aware of the scams, inform friends and neighbors about them and report them to local law enforcement.

Bluebonnet says in Washington County, Bluebonnet members have been approached by two men in an unmarked vehicle claiming to work for Bluebonnet seeking up=front payments for tree trimming.  Bluebonnet employees and contractors do not charge co-op members to trim treeson their property.

They do perform right of way maintenance and drive company vehicles, with the cooperative logo on them, when they do so.

The workers also wear  the Bluebonnet uniforms while performing their duties.

If a Bluebonnet member is approached by someone attempting any scam, they should get as much information about the persons, including the names, a physical description, phone number and the make and model of their car.   Scam attempts should be reported to local law enforcement and to Bluebonnet at 1 800 842 7708, between 7am and 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

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